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  1. Low_life89

    how low on illuminas

    the shorter struts as in mr2 up front 240z in the back?
  2. Low_life89

    how low on illuminas

    http://picresize.com/popup.html?images/rsz_9image.jpg heres how the car sits curently
  3. Low_life89

    how low on illuminas

    hey guys i have h&r springs with half a coil cut on my 280z my struts are blown an was going to get a set of illuminas the car sits pretty low im wounder if i should just save for the new bc low coils thinking that the illuminas might not last long the car isnt tracked or anything does anyone now how low you can go on them?
  4. Low_life89

    e30 shocks for 280z

    whats up guys just picked up my first 280z ive had plenty of e30'si know they have a similar shock tube design has anyone ever tried fitting e30 shock into their z's i know the 325xi are alittle shirter then normal 325's