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  1. luial

    240z part out

    I need a very good condition front windshield for my '73 (12/72) 240Z. Let me know what she has. Thank you.
  2. I'll take it if still available. Thanks
  3. I'll take the AC controller (hard line cut) $45 if still available Thank you.
  4. Interested in both. What line pressure does it deliver? I need it for my triple OER
  5. How is the condition of the 1/4 windows? Can you post or pm pics? Thanks
  6. Interested in the following: 1) Rear Hatch 2) Quarter windows Do you have any other glass? Please post or pm me photos. Thank you.
  7. I'll take all of this from you: 1) SS window trim squeegees total of 8 50.00/all Please pm me PayPal info. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for checking. That is same as what I have in the car. Looking for 3.9 (or close). Thanks anyway
  9. I'm very interested. Yes I have a California address for shipping. Let me know how much for them (set of 5), but I'm just considering 4. Thank you.
  10. Are those the original steel wheels on the car? I need a set for my 240Z, have the hubcaps already. (I want wheels with hubcaps on the car). If they are, I'll take them (w/o tires). Thanks
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