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  1. Yeah maybe i should just try and rebuild the carbs but i like the dependablity of efi... the PO swapped it over to efi at one point then back to carbs. It still has the wiring harness ecu and a couple other things i just don't what it really needs also If i get a harness from one year and a ecu from another are they compatable? wheres a good place for cheap fuel pumps besides the junkyard lol.

  2. okay so i got a perdicament my 72 has the su that are starting to crap out on me. I almost drained the batery trying to start it in the cold. So im looking for somenthing else and i found a holley carb and AZ intake for 150, I also found a motor with EFI for 250. Now my question is what wold you guys go for? i need some insight. also if anyone has swapped there Su are you happy with what you got now? IM kinda on a Tight budget of around 350 if i buy the EFI. is it possible to do it that cheap?

  3. well i figure my vltage regulator is dead since my battery keeps dieing, but my alternator is still pumping out around 12 volts. so my question is i know theres a few different alternator i can swap in. with the 85 maxima one would i have to run new wires to stand the higher amperage? also has anyone bought the voltage regulator plug from MSA?? was it worth the $20. What have you guys done with your charging systems? my cars a 240z 72 with a 280z motor with carbs on it

  4. Okay well my problem is a confusing one. i took my carbs off yesterday to readjust them for a camping trip i going on, but after awhile of fiddling my car wouldn't start again. I've checked everything; it gets gas, has spark at the rotor and im certain there is gas in the bowl. the problem is that the car seems to not be getting fuel into the carbs themself. does anyone hae some guidance? i pump the pedal, choke everything i can think of and nothing happens. They're 3 screw round tops on my l28

  5. okay well i think i got it somewhat tuned. now when i drove it around i got 45 miles on ten bucks or about 4 gallons. so im not as bad as before but its not the greatest mpg. im still leaning towards efi for it so im keeping my eyes open for one or if anyone in the NW has one for cheap pm me.

  6. i Was to cheap to buy a uni-syn so i tried the old hose to ear trick and i think i got them pretty well balanced. my only problem now is the fuel mixture. i have the front carb pretty well mixed... i push up on the piston and it doesn't sputter or rev high. my problem is the back carb. i've pushed up on the piston and turned it richer each time because it sounds like its going to die. so i guess i'll just wait and check the plugs in a couple days and see if they're fouling

  7. okay today i did another test with a different gauge and got 100 even when i pulled all 6 plugs. Also i took both carbs off the clean them out and see if the floats are set right. I don't have an air flow meter so i can't really tune them right so im waiting on that. What the best tool for sensing the cfm on the su's, i hear unisyns are kinda useless. Any cheap but effective tools to use?

  8. Thanks guys for the advice. yeah im planning on going to the canby meet tomorrow and check out all of the different cars. right now since its is kinda half way done for me i think i'll just convert it back over to FI. Im thinking a whole new motor will be a better swap then all the little bits and pieces. But who know mayne i'll see an awsome 240 with su's and change my mind.

  9. yeah im still leaning that way. the only problem is that my car at one time was set up for efi and im debating on switching it back over. i need the manifold and rail and injector but my car already has the ecu and wiring harness for the injector in it. Would it be worth my time/ money to switch to efi? i can get the whole holley setup for 350-400 i think can i do the swap back for that much?

  10. Okay i've searched and never really found any clear decision. which is better as a daily driver setup, the holley 390 cfm or the su's? i found a good holley carb and arizonaz setup off craiglist pretty cheap. right now my su's are running pig rich and thought switching over to the newer system would help me out. So i know rules state there is no best... so which one is better for my purpose?



  11. I found a 1984 vandura on criaglist, its from a towing company thats driven it occasionaly. its got a 305

    heres the link


    i was also thinking about this 350


    Both have a 700r4 i just wanted some input on which would be a better purchase. The 350 is bored but im not really looking for lots of power im more interested in a daily driver type v8.

    Thanks, JON

  12. Okay so i get in my car to go to schooll and no go. I turn the key to start and absolutely nothing happens. the only thing that happens is a clicking noise. i assume the clicking noise is the acc relay in the passenger side making contact. MY starter doesn't even make a noise, theres no clicking noise. So my question is how to i narrow down my problem and fix it? i had another key switch thing and tried that but same results. Its a 72 240z running carbs but has FI electrical in it also, im hoping nothings shorting out.

  13. I've been looking on criagslist looking for donor cars. There are just so many different V8's i just need so guidence in what kind of cars i should be looking for. CCars or Trucks that have a good year of motor and trany. I know theres no best but any help is muchly appreciated.

  14. okay i did the compression test again and i got the same numbers. Adding a spoonful of oil only increased the numbers by 2 or 3 psi. They all were still in the 70-85 range. whould rebuilding the carbs solve my problem or is that just a waste of money. I have a slow drip leak from my gas tankk drain plug but it couldn't be it. i have no egr yalves or any of the emisson control stuff, just a tube from the fuel pump straight into the float bowls, Is this bad? i don't have to worry about emisson tests...its too old. lol

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