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  1. Mischief913

    Hi from Arizona

    Thanks for the welcome, I apologize that my response hasn't been timely. Work has been super hectic but I will definitely post some pictures of her this week. Also trying to decide which way to go with her, so any opinion is welcomed. Y'all have a great weekend.
  2. Mischief913

    Hi from Arizona

    Hi! I'm an owner of a 1981 280zx Coupe. Bought the car from a person that couldn't decide if he wanted to strip it for parts or make a track car out of her. Body is all there and straight but the motor has seen better days. Hoping to obtain some knowledge in the field of s130 motors, thoughts and guidance towards my build. I'll definitely post some pics soon so there's an idea of where my baseline is. Thanks in advance and y'all have a great week.