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  1. So I just got my 1981 280zx its pretty rough but its 5 speed manual that runs and drives for $800. They guy said in the add that the car had 90,000 miles and I didn't notice the car read 9,000 miles. what does this mean could he have rolled it back or did he replace the dash. The title says nothing about the milage. Is there anything I can look at to gauge its milage. how can i check to see if the dash was replaced or tampered.


    Also does any one know how the check button works on the dash? Evenm when the engin is running it doesn't do anything when I press it. Is it broken or is there somthing else I need to do

  2. I'm picking up my 280zx with a manual trans and 90,000 miles. It needs brake lins but thats it acording to the owner. I plan on making this a project car and one day a weekend car. I'm not looking the get a ton of power out of it but I do want to make it look nice. I'm a good craftsman and fabricator in my opinion so I plan on making a lot of stuff in house. I want to lower it a good bit, give it some offset wheels and fender flares, and paint it all on a budget plus spruce up the inside. I can make the flares no problem but I'm not sure how im going to do the suspention. $900 coilovers are awsome but not in the buget for me. I have a welder though. I'm looking for links to diy suspenson maybe and what I should look for in rims. 


    Also is $800 a decent deal? or not so much. best deal in my area but I have heard of people getting better deals 


    Let me know if you have other Ideas for my project to.



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