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With setup and programming fees, new cartridges, cores, core cleanup, etc. its not cost effective - at least here in SoCal. I've researched it and given that the total sales will be 50 units over 5 y

One day and nearly sold out... that is demand alright!

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Wouldn't the impeller diameter be the number that matters? The diesel impeller is larger diameter? No need for eyeball estimates then.


The RockAuto picture looks like a gas impeller in a diesel housing. To my eye. Taking parallax and other photographic distortions in to account.



Edit- maybe this guy can take a measurement...

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Well, in NZ at least, LD28 diesel and Lxx petrol engines have different part codes and details for their pumps




Product Code : WPN-LD28

Description : Water Pump Nissan LD28 1984/10-86 Laurel

60mm from base to top of flange V3-037

Unit Price NZD : 52.98 Each (Incl Tax)


WPN-05A Water Pump Nissan H20 20 L26 LD28 Z16 Z18 Z20 Z24 1969-On 66mm from base to top of flange Atlas Bluebird Civilian Skyline

(Note: This Item is POA - You cannot add To shopping cart - please call or email for $$$)




I've bolded the differences, so they aren't just the same pump used for both applications, I'm not going to buy any to have a look at the impeller tho, I'm off to China on Thursday and won't be around.


So, I've been looking at sourcing a pump from Australia... emailing a Jimmy at staparts.co.nz.  My stock pump (L28) measures 66 mm from the base to the top of the flange.  The pump they list as for LD28 is only 60 mm.  Part number on that one cross references to a WPN-062... not a WPN-079.  My  hypothesis is that the 062 pump differs from the 079 pump in this distance from back to front.  I wonder if just swapping out the front flange would make it 66 mm.  Those just press on/off...

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You guys are awesome.  Rockauto has them back in stock (only 9 now after my order).  I should have mine soon, and I'll give everyone a heads up if anything has changed with the part since last year.



I've just ordered one also to keep as a spare for the current LD pump. Hopefully these are the true LD pump, keep us informed as you'll get yours well before I do down here in Oz.


There was only six left when I ordered.

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Haha!  I know there's a tendency to keep stuff like this hush-hush due to fear that the supply will completely dry up, but on the other hand if we show there is still demand (which seems to be happening right now) hopefully they'll keep (re)manufacturing the parts :)

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