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I could really stop there, but I think I'll throw in a few other things too.


1) Build a paint booth. It may seem like a paint, but it's 100% worth it. It's not hard either. Go to Home Depot or some other store and buy large rolls of clear plastic sheets and PVC pipe or something similar. While you're there, pick up a furnace vent. While you're making your plastic box, make sure it's big enough that you can easily walk around your car with no issue of touching the walls. Also, make two holes in the walls for a box fan to blow fresh air in, and another to blow painty air out. Put the furance vent in front of the air IN section (although putting one on the air out section probably couldn't hurt either). Also make sure you have plenty of light in there. If you've got over spray, the light can become a little lacking and not being able to see what you're doing is no fun.


2) Make sure you've done all body work that you're gonna do BEFORE you paint.


3) HVLP gun is the only way to go.

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If you want to build a garage paint booth right, don't use the clear plastic sheeting from any type of home improvement store, as over-spray paint does not stick to it and if it gets bumped, paint can come loose and fall on the wet paint. A good auto parts store that sells good paint (Dupont, PPG, House of Kolor, ect:), will also have a plastic sheeting that over-spray paint will stick too and not come off.

Those box fans in wall with a furnace "vents" (I assume you mean filters right) drawing in fresh air . and paint air out is good, as it does filter out bugs and dust, but air should not blow right on the car, as it will dry paint to fast.

Since you will be wearing a good filter mask (one with 2 replaceable filters), rather then cutting 2 holes in your garage for 2 fans to bring air in and take it out. Fill the garages service door opening with furnace filters and then set 2 box fans (blowing out) under the big garage door.

Lots of light is a plus and some people wet down the floor, so dust is not blown onto the paint.

The HVLP paint gun and 3M non-vented collapsible cup system is the only way to go, as the gun can be turned upside down (great for doing rocker panels). Check out this Youtube video

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If I were to paint in the garage I would do exactly what neverdone said. Make sure you put a filter in front of the fan that is sucking in the air, and if you have picky neigbors a filter in front of the fan pushing the air out would be a good idea (overspray). Definetly wet down the floor, it makes a big difference as far as keeping dirt out of the paint job. In fact, clean the garage as best as you can before anything else. As for me, I have been thinking about painting my 280 GM code 8979 (pearl red) with some red metal flake from paintwithpearls.com, with ghost flames. Or maybe a ralley black ( flat black that I can use with regular clear) with a pearl white racing stripes. I use a SATA 2000 hvlp gun and love it. When masking the car, make sure the masking paper is solvent resistant. If not, you will have problems with bleed through, dust and so on.

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