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Fiberglass door panels w/speaker holes


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Holy smokes! suddenly everyone wants in on the raffle... Ok so I'll write down all the names of the interested parties, shake and bake them in a bag, have the little one pull the winner and notify everyone of the results. So do we all agree that the winner pays his or her own shipping? kind of a weird raffle but .. I've seen worse.

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Are there still openings for the raffle, I would like a set of door panels (for 78) for the cost of shipping!!!!


By the way, do you have them in Carbon Fiber?  Would you be interested in doing some?  If so i work and have worked at several aircraft repair shops and have come to acquire left over pieces of Graphite as well as "expired" pieces ( I don't know how that stuff could expire).  If interested i can mail the stuff to you, it would be more useful for me and others to have you make me a set of door panels on CF than having me try to do something else that i might not have the time to ever get it done.


I don't know how many plies of glass you use on each panel, but the CF i got is thick, so you might be able to use one or two plies of CF between two plies of FG to stretch out the  amount CF being used.  I Have a piece that i was told it's about 25', could be square ft, but none the less its a big chunk.  You might be able to get a couple of panels out of it and a couple extra bucks out of each set.


Please let me know if you are interested.


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Been laggin on the raffle but I do have it on the back burner. I need to make another set of molds as my current set is nearing their demise.


In addition I do have 3 sets of factory panels and 1 speaker panel boxed and ready to ship, I can get them shipped as early as saturday if needed.



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