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need some idea to compensate for front heavy turbo v8 240z- I want it to handle.

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well this car was intentionally build for straight line performance. I mean i even fitted 325/50r15 tires on the back. so handling was really not in the plans.


anyways times changing and so is my minds.


I want the car to handle... but i dont want to loose my turbo v8 power.


I havent taken it to a weight station but im pretty positive its front heavy.


suspension wise it has tokico springs and shock and poly bushing all around. front end is fully done including new tie rods. the rear is next.


now obviously the 325 wont be on the car when it set up for handling but im thinking in the lines of 275 front and 315 back.


what do you guys think? what else can i do to make it handle good? nothing crazy just enough to be fun at the twisty/backroad

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If the v8 was stuffed back as far as possable it should be fine.You really need to weigh it and finding some wheel scales for setting up a race car are the best.A local v8 z was weighed before and after a v8 swap and the car gained 100lbs on the back.this was a gen 1 chevy sbc.


Ya it's pushed back as far as I could but when I switch to lower mount I could have pushed it 1 or 2 inch back but it would require me to rebuilds my turbo exhaust piping b/c of the limited space so I left it like that.


What kind of chevy? And full iron or aluminum?


I know my turbo kit adds about 100-150 lbs. I put a 15" and 10" sub where my spare tire use to go as well as an amp on the back but I glast it so not much weight added. I will also relocate the battery on the back but that empty space where the batt is now will be taken up by methanol injection container.


I would get aluminum heads but I ran out of funds after my diy turbo kit.



Where do you guys go to get the weight? I know a weighing station but that's all the weight not divided.

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