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1JZ/2JZ transmission options...

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I have spent several hours searching, unfortunately I have found lots of old threads with out dated links and pictures and several contradicting posts.


I have some questions.


There are threads that indicate the 2JZGTE with factory 6-speed will fit in a Z, but requires trimming in the transmission tunnel, everyone says its massive and a tight fit. Other posts share its easy to fit into a S30 but the shifter location is too far back. Lets sum this up, will the 6-speed fit with a proper shifter location?!


If I choose a 1JZGTE or 2JZGTE, I can swap in either a W58 or R154 5-speed transmission.


I've read the following: The Supra R154 is easier to install then the Soarer R154. This is because the Soarer R154 shifter location is too far back in a S30 chassis, the Supra R154 has a good shifter placement. But in another thread, someone mentions the Soarer R154 has a better fit. Lets sum this up, which R154 transmission will fit in the Z without the use of a shifter extension for a proper shift location?!


The R154 will require the following:

- 1jz bell housing to mate to the r154

- 1jz OR 7MGTE clutch/pressure plate/flywheel

- 2jz pilot bearing

- 2jz throw out bearing

Let's sum this up, is the list above correct?


The W58 transmission is an option, but I've come across numerous threads supporting that the W58 will not handle the power of a 1JZ/2JZ, especially if it's been modified. I won't bother asking any questions about this.

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here is my r154 list to adapt to 2jz.


-R154 transmission

-1jz to r154 bell housing

-2jz pilot bearing

-7mgte/1jz clutch kit

-1jz flywheel

-r154 release bearing

-r154 drive line yoke

-r154 slave cylinder

-drift motion 45" r154 braided clutch line

-5/8 stock datsun clutch master cylinder(feels great)

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If you check out the supra forums most people are against the getrag 6 speed being so heavy and still has pit falls. Most seem to opt for a GM trans with adapter plate or a built R154.

The price is the real issue. The getrag is very expensive, even used. The reason they use a gm tranny is an automatic thing. The r154 is a good tranny for a reasonable price. Its not near as strong as the getrag. Stock getrags are known to hold 700 to 800 wheel hp. And yes they do break depending on how hard they are abused. Just my .02. The r154 have thier own issues as well. Both are good trannies.

All depends on budget and intended use for what you want.

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I just installed a Getrag 6-speed. My engine is mounted maybe 3/4 of an inch from the firewall. I did not shorten the shifter, and the trans fit without trimming inside the tunnel (71 240z). It is tight between the stock mounting ears, but clears both sides.

That being said, I did trim the rear of the tunnel shifter hole, as well as the console. I am installing new seats as well, so once I get them in, I'll be able to see if I like the shifter location, or if I will choose to shorten it.

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As I've said before, the Soarer r154 needs no mods to fit perfect in the z. It's a little short, rather than long, but if you mount the engine 1.5" from the baulkhead, the shifter just clears the front of the hole in the tunnel. Because the lever is dog legged it then comes out in a perfect position. I don't think your soarers are different from ours so I'm not sure why people say they don't fit. Check out my build thread on zclub.net for pics.

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Get a junk r154 and then send it to my work place (marlin crawler) to get it built, w58 is junk! people will try to sell w58 and claim its a r154 with 1jz bellhousing, if you dont know, the easiest way to tell if its a r154 and w58 is the drain plug on the r154 is on the right side of the tranny and w58 is on the bottom.

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