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Dealer option A/C n heat diagram

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This may be of limited help but when I bought my 72 in 84 it came with a dealer installed AC because factory AC was not available. It had a York piston compressor mounted on the right side of the engine up high on a welded bracket. The evaporator was in a box in front of the heater blower housing that only drew air if the top heater lever was all the way to the right which drew air from the cabin and not the outside. There was a "pod" that mounted to the the left of the center console adjacent to the fuse panel cover that had the temp knob. I think it was made by ARA who is now out of business.


If you want a good system, Motorsport Auto has one that is very similar but uses a Sanden rotary compressor that is much better.




Good luck.



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"Dealer Option HEATER"? :blink:


For the A/C, you should discern if it's ARA or Frigi-King... and get the installation instructions (period correct stuff is still posted online.)


I never heard of a dealer option heater---the aftermarket A/C's just went in the passenger's footwell and used a stock Heater unit to distribute the airflow through the cabin using the stock fan in the car. (But that is all in the install instructions...)


As an example of 'state of the art early 70's aftermarket' here is a link to the user manual from the MB111 series (which was a much more refined kit than the Datsun, the same manual exists for the Datsun, though...)


Downloadable PDF

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