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1978 280z LT4 build up.

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Spent a little over a year building this car for a friend. He bought the car here in Las Vegas and it was in over all great shape. 1996 Lt4, other than Jesel valve train its a stock LT4 with Sanderson headers bought from JTR. 2.5 to 3 inch exaust with a flowmaster style muffler and suprisingly its not that loud! It has a T5 trans, heavy duty clutch, poly suspension bushings, rear disk brakes and tokico suspsension. I installed 240z bumpers, did the body work and painted it 69 Hemi orange.Here are some pics from the build.















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That is exactly the way I want to do the exhaust system on my 240Z with a 383 SBC stroker engine. 2.5 inch pipe along side the transmission back into a 3 inch out "Y". Thanks very much for the photographs. Is there room on yours to put a 3 inch bullet in-line behind the "Y" and the muffler? Please advise. Thanks.

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There should be room. I took my LT1 car to the same place Jim had his done at. I went with 2.5 from the headers to a y-then right into a Glasspack. After that I went another 2.5 out from there with lots of room for another muffler to quiet it down if I want to later down the line (or add in a cutout).

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That car is a beast! Im kinda regretting going with the Mega squirted L28ET right now in my 240z.We are still working out the tune and it runs like crap. My friend has a good running LT1 on an engine stand at his house i could have picked up pretty cheap. For the money i spent buying just the MS 2 and wide band o2 i could have gotten the JTR Headers, rad and mounting kit. I could have sold off the rebuilt L28et and bought the LT1 or a nice running SBC with a carb and been running good right now.

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A Generation 1 SBC would be the most compact and cheapest to outfit with aftermarket parts. They can be rebuilt to be very strong on HP, TQ and reliable depending on choice of parts, machining and assembly.


I agree 100%. Worse case my car requires too much tuning ill pull it all out and sell it and swap in a carbed Chevy v8.

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