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L28 turbo throttle body question


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I am having the turbo & intercooler system redone on my L28 turbo 240Z. right now it has a 50 mm throttle body, which I suspect is the weak link. I want to upgrade it to a 58 or 60 mm, any ideas? I need it to bolt to a N42 intake, have a 2.5 inch inlet, and hook up to the stock linkage. a couple people have told me that I need a 240SX throttle body. if so, from what years? I have an ancient Haltec system, picture of the TPS sensor attached. (also would like a new engine management system is anyone has one for sale).

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If you have a 50mm throttle body on it, it is larger than stock L28ET throttle body. And really I can say from experience that the 60mm 240sx throttle body isn't all it's chocked up to be. I found that my car will accelerate almost as hard at 3/4 throttle as it does at full throttle, and tip-in is really hard to get smooth. The car is just kind of hard to drive smoothly with that big 60mm throttle body. Unless you have done extensive cylinder head porting, just stick with a stock throttle body. I wish I had done that now looking back on it.


And a 50mm throttle body is absolutely NOT the weak link, your intake runners are. Do some reading on here, you will learn a ton. There are several stickies under FAQ that tell you what the weak links are.

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