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Texas Turbo Tom 240 to LS2/T56/Magnacharger build

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Just some clean up left to do.  But I like the silver. 

I know the feeling man, mine was the same way except my doors were good and I was able to find a pair of brand new OEM fenders. You would be better off buying a good hatch for it than spending a bunch

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Yes, with some add ons.  Blower will be added in 12 months after the install.  I am currently working to get the drivetrain in order.  I have already redone the factory seats.  The interior is completed.  There will be Speedhut gauges in the interior. No stereo, plans for A/C but I want the mechanical issues taken care of first. 

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As usual.... the plan evolves. 

I have purchased a LS3 (L92) from a 09 Denali, a built t56 transmission, custom ground billet cam, and a maggie blower for the car.  I am currently sourcing a full rearend to swap.  My Turbo Tom motor was purchased from the guy who bought the kit from me.  I also sold him a fully built turbo motor that had a bunch of special parts on it ( for next to nothing.) I should have asked for more money but he was in the right place at the right time.  I have funds for the swap and have started to move forward on this project.  I have had the factory seats refinished in leather and suede so those are going in when the car gets back from the shop.  I do not have the time to put into this to keep the project going so I have had to farm out the project to a local shop that does good work.  I have all new gauges going in the car as well.  Since I sold all of my Stewart Warner gauges as well.  I wanted to start with a clean slate and keep the car for many years.  I just have suspension and brakes to work out ( which I am in the process of) and then I should be done with the mechanical aspect of the build. 

I will post up some pics of the progress once the car gets over to the shop.  I am pulling the rest of the drivetrain out and will deliver them a shell to work with. 

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I wanted to have the ability to fix the car easily.  with a VH platform I don't think there is that much aftermarket support or the ability to diagnose issues as easily as the LS.  The LS can make gobs of power and perform well above what will need from it. 

I have all of the money for the rearend swap, now I just have to go out and buy the parts and wait for the others to be made. 

I am also looking at brake options at this time.  I don't foresee the car being on the streets until October.  At this point I can't even find the time to spend a few hours to get the car finalized and sent to the shop.......

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I got a LS3 with all accessories, pedal, wiring harness, ECU, shipped to me for 2850.00  It has 90000 on the clock.  I am pulling the heads and replacing all gaskets, water pump, and a few things for he heads.  I figured that I would be going through the motor anyway. PM me and I can give you the guy's info. 

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Vroom vroom...... I wonder if it will fit under the hood....... slow going at it but at least this gets me a chance to clean up the chasis in preparation for the frame rails.....

Here is a pic so you guys know this is real.....


Nope . Looks awesome . I was going to do the same with my ZX , but going 6.0 turbo instead . Got an LQ4 longblock last month and already bought a set of LS3 heads , intake , 102mm throttle , and T76mm turbo . Trying to gather all forged components for the block .

Looking forward to see your HP number . :-D

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  It has 90000 on the clock.  I am pulling the heads and replacing all gaskets, water pump, and a few things for he heads.  I figured that I would be going through the motor anyway....


why would you rebuild a perfectly good running motor at 90K?


This aint your dad's SBC.  :icon45:



That blower will be a squeeze! You must hate traction to go with something that torquey!

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I did not know the history of the motor.  I needed to do a service on it, I  was changing out the cam, and figured that I would feel a whole lot better about the the motor if it was checked out. Rather than putting it in and having not any insurance of good gaskets.   I know that this is not "my dad's SBC" but I would be pissed if I shoe horned that thing in the car and it went "pop"

I am looking at 285, or larger tires to help out with traction.  There is another Z that is in the family that I need to keep up with or beat....... That car and driver happen to be building a very nice car....... 

As far as the hood......I guess I can go with a cowl but would prefer not to have to.  My other option is the Datsun competition hood scoop....

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I think you will find the 1900 blower will need to work pretty hard to fill the LS3 with anything more than 5 lbs of boost and will heat soak. We used a 2300 on a bone stock LS2 and run 6 lbs and can heat her up pretty good. If you are just going to drag race the car, you shouldn't have a problem.


One more thing, since you are opening the motor anyway, I'd change the cam to something more boost friendly than a stock grind. That will really allow you to make some power!


Traction shouldn't be as big an issue as you would think with a properly set up suspension and sticky tires. We're using 255 Toyo 888's and although you can spin them if you want, most of the power can be used for go!


Also, fits under the hood just fine once you remove the hood latch. :)




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