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Texas Turbo Tom 240 to LS2/T56/Magnacharger build

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The harness for the car is now back.  Gauges are installed in the dash.  For now all gauges will be in the dash, I am potentially working on a triple gauge pod for the driverside windshield pillar.  ( working with a friend..) I sent the Supra in for AEM v2  standalone.  I just might have a chance to get it back before the end of the year.... but I am not holding my breath

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Just some clean up left to do.  But I like the silver. 

I know the feeling man, mine was the same way except my doors were good and I was able to find a pair of brand new OEM fenders. You would be better off buying a good hatch for it than spending a bunch

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Shhh I don't think so..... BUT I am getting the Supra back this Friday. 

I think that the car should be up and running around that week of Christmas.  I am not sure it will be tuned and fully driveable.  As it still needs the cage and I don't want to get it without it being in the car. My luck I will twist it up like a pretzel.  Lots of little things to do.  I still have to put in the interior.  I got a few rolls of sound deadener to put in the car as well as a vinyl/ foam mat for the floors.  I will also need to build up the rear deck.....

Then there is the lighting issue..... I have been spoiled by my led projectors on my daily that I will end up doing the same on the Z, as well as full led tail lights and side markers.....

See the list goes on and on.  But at least the hard part is almost over....

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The dash is back in, all gauges are installed in their present location.  There will be some eventual changes on locations ( I will make a triple gauge pod for the driver's pillar as well as a custom piece for the dash where the HVAC system was originally).  I am adding sound deadening materials to the car as I can or as I have them available.  We took the OEM heater and all associated heating equipment out as I am going with a Vintage air system eventually. The car will hopefully start up tomorrow, at the very least this week.  Then a once over before the dyno and street tunes.  I am heading out to Nebraska tomorrow for a few days of work. 



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That is what happens when your car is a garage queen and doesn't see the rain........ Also it is a 88xxx mile car.... rear quarters were a different story...... the P/O had the wheel arch lips "fixed" back in the early 80s and it seems the body shop took him for a ride and plastered bondo all over the panels. When the flares were put on they cut out bondo that was over 1/2" thick......

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