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So I did my rb25det swap in my 1987 2 years ago and for my first time doing the swap it pretty much went as expected for the first time. here are some pics:






I was just starting to work out all the kinks this past summer and an 80 year old man pulled out right in front of me at 50mph.


















I am pretty sure the motor is okay. The power steering pump took the brunt of everything.




The harmonic balancer got a little banged up too




here is what my RB is going into this winter!








what do you guys think?

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Glad you're ok. Also good thing she didn't hit you on the driver's side. That Z32 should make a very cool RB swap though! Keep us posted.

Yeah i think that would have hurt alot more if I was hit on the drivers side. I am pretty excited to start this swap! it will be pretty sweet. I dont know of many people with a z32 rb swap

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Have you been here yet? rbz32.com

Hey! Yep I just found that website a couple weeks ago. I havent seen any like ground up step by step threads but I haven't really looked that hard either. I should be able to figure out most of it pretty easy being the second time around though. The wiring will prolly be the most difficult to figure out.

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Yeah I definitely plan on taking lots of pics! :) I will be done with school in 2 weeks and then I am going to start figuring out how to mount the RB in the z32.


I almost picked up a datsun 510 to put it in but the car needed a full restore and would have taken alot to fix that up.


I love the z32 though! It has always been one of my favs.


I thought that the tps from the vg30 would would too but the one that came with the motor does not work. 97 pathfinder actually has the same tps as an RB.

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Thanks, when the vg30de was in it there was no room side to side but had quiet a bit of space from to back and with the rb it is very tight front to back but a bit of room side to side. It weighs about as much as my last one 3100.. ish, I am pretty happy with that. I don't want to strip the inside, its my race car but also my dayly driver in the summer

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I have got my motor and trans back together and started fitting them in the engine bay. had to cut my mounts and move them forward about an inch because the firewall in the z32 sticks out farther than a z31 because in the z32 the decided to hide the windshield motor and such in the firewall. since I had to move the mounts forward to clear the firewall, my oil pan that pat made for me doesnt clear the rack. I have a stock front sump on the way, I a, pretty sure that it will work with the set up that I have going right now, should be here Thursday.

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so, I got the new oil pan and pick up




got them on my motor




I tried to see if the oil pan would fit with my cross member and sway bar. It clears the sway bar but just barely hit the cross member. Needed a little more clearance, so i made some.






should be getting it all welded up tomorrow.

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