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Out with the old, and in with the new.

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The new set up looks good! Should be a monster,(again)  I think my S475 on my Datsun spooled just as bad as your S480.  Because I only had a 4.8L in mine. Haha. 


Little update on the coupe...  Took it out to the track on the GT42, Managed to get a best of 6.7 @ 105mph 1.4 60ft. it was at roughly 14psi of boost, with some 110 leaded gas. I feel like it should be faster then that,  just in comparing it to the Z. But it was only my first time out with the new turbo so there is plenty of room for improvement.

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I've got a few updates on the car, and a couple pics,   but no videos just yet... I've taken it to the track again 1 time since the last post and managed to get a 6.6 @ 106.  Same 1.4 60 ft.   This time though, the car is pulling the front wheels off the ground.  I would feel the front end slam down a moment after launching and had no idea what it was. Then after talking to one of the tech guys there, He mentioned that the car was pulling wheelies. Shows how observant I am. :-D   Also, I got tired of having to buy race gas for the car every time I wanted to take it out to the track so I designed a new fuel system for it...



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this guy and his "new" fuel system :P ... more like secondary boost referenced fuel system that takes over spraying whatever fuel you choose, so regular fuel out of boost and race gas in boost ...think NRE (Nelson Racing Engines) :o !


Which is what I plan to do with E85 since it's less than $2 a gallon locally, which is cheaper than I'll ever find race gas... I think if it were better documented more people would go that route. Hopefully I can work to change that. :-D

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