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Hey guys,


I'm mapping out what I want to do with my car and getting a plan together. After having my car tuned and running correctly; I discovered that I really like the immediate response of the stock turbo. It spools so fast that it feels like a supercharger haha, it's fun.


Here's what I'm planning on adding:

Higher flowing injectors

300zx MAF

Bosch 044 fuel pump

Nismo adjustable fuel regulator


That's in addition to the Power Fc and all the other basic bolt on stuff I already have.



Would an exhaust side adjustable cam gear and an aftermarket camshaft do anything of significance with this setup? I figured I would leave the intake side alone due to it having VCT and people seem to conclude that the exhaust side leaves more to be desired. Not looking for substantial horsepower gains, just improvements while keeping the car responsive for mountain runs and auto cross while retaining reliability.



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I made a post I believe not long ago regarding Fidanza Cam gears.

The stock intake gear is adjustable! But most do not mess with it.

While I was never able to dyno my car with the exhaust gear installed, I did try retarding it a few degrees with no noticeable affect, and I did not expect to 'feel' the difference. You should be able to see it on the dyno though as this is a fine tuning adjustment.


After a few hours I pulled the gear back off and sent it back to Fidanza as I experienced an issue with the gear teeth meshing with the timing belt. Im pretty sure the belt was gonna loose in short order.

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