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RB25 Lightened Flywheel Feel

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Hey guys,


This is kind of a weird question. But when I had my transmission off a while back I noticed that the clutch disk said Nismo on it and I snapped a picture of it and I kind of forgot about it. While I was going through my pictures folder I came across this picture and noticed the part number was visible (RS240). I was mostly interested in what torque it could hold but much to my surprise I found that the clutch disk was part of a kit called Super Copper Mix which includes the disk, reinforced cover, reinforced hardware, bearing, and a lightened flywheel. Is it possible to verify the flywheel by just feel alone without dropping the engine?


What would the characteristics of a lightened flywheel on a lightly modified RB25 be? My diff is an r200 out of a 78' 280z with a 3.4 ratio I think, if that would effect the feel of the flywheel. I've never been in, much less driven, a car with a lightened flywheel so I'm not really sure what to look for.



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I found this at rhd Japan

The NISMO Super Coppermix Single Plate Clutch High Power Spec SR RB is the high power spec type of Super Coppermix which can handle 420ps. The great thing about the NISMO clutches are that they are very high performance products, but keep their everyday driving comfort.


The NISMO Super Coppermix Single Clutch uses a 240mm size damperless disc and aluminum cover combination to improve the overall cooling performance of the set up as well as the transmission. A lightweight flywheel is equipped which is made of special chromoly to achieve the ideal weight for maximum torque. The clutch cover is made from a special aluminum with a high heat-radiating ability.

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