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My 560ZX ( Titan VK56DE powered 280ZX S130 ) Build Thread


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I have a 1987 300zx and was thinking of doing something similar, instead of trying to cram the vk56 in I was going to get a vk45 and pair to a cd009 6spd, but I’m honestly not sure where to start for engine and electronics management. Any tips?

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If your not able to run a stock ecu with uprev or HP tuners (they supposedly picked up Nissan support a couple years ago), then you have to go full aftermarket to MS3, Haltec, AEM, Link, etc...  Over on the NICOclub forum there is a build with a vk56/cd009 into a 280zx that the guy used an early Honda AEM 4 cyl ecm and repinned some wiring.




You could also check in the VK Nation Facebook group,  there's quite a few vk56/45 swaps there into the later model Z cars and infinities. Lots of truck stuff but the ecm, headers,  cd009 etc is all pretty much the same. 

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