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My boso pipe...

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Well, I needed an exhaust and I didn't want to spend any money on it because I knew it wouldn't be on there very long. I'm about to begin the tear down process to start my long project. Figured I'd at least share some pics.


Here's my friend Jon welding up the pipes that I supplied. (Extra piping and old intercooler piping from my other car, notice how some sections are painted black? Haha)













Hope you like it, or not, I don't care really because I liked it:)

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How that work for the fume issue? Looks about 1m short to be classified true Bozuka... Maybe glorified rice...



Well I had planned on getting a new hatch seal which never happened. It didn't really help with the fumes, but it did help with the noise. Ricer4lyfe!!1111!11!!!!ONE!1 B)


I could see that being a problem in the rain... like filling up with water and stalling the engine lol


Yea, there was one time when I started the car after a few days of hard rain and I hear a noise like rainfall for a few seconds. I get out and walk to the back of my car and the ground looks like I shot a water cannon out of my tail pipe about 10-12 feet. Pretty stupid I know.... Haha

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