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Looks like a monster in the making! I've always wondered why we haven't seen a build of this engine with their popularity.


Any plans for a tranny tunnel?

With the mount it looks like you're planning to run it inside?

Yeah I'm really suprised I havent seen this combo either.

yeah the tanny will be on top of the floor powerglide with 8" converter. Still designing tunnel.

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Totally awesome build! I think these swaps would be a bit more common if an affordable RWD conversion was pioneered. From everything I've seen you're looking and a mostly custom flywheel and adapter plate, and I haven't seen kits for mating to common trans like the 300zx or supra boxes.


I'm looking forward to see where this goes though!

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I bought a Bill Hichner bellhousing, I'm hoping to use it sometime soon! I want to say I spent around $250 for a 4G to W-series bellhousing a few years back. The bellhousing looks top notch too!


I've been out of the game for awhile, but I'm lurking again to hopefully jump start the 4G-Z!!!

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I came across a 4g63 head a while ago on a friends bench. It had very minimal work in it and might I say this is a very good head indeed. It kind of made me want to put one in a z, especially when I heard you can get some decent displacement under one. I will be following this one, looking forward to seeing it come together. It looks great so far!

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