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S30Z Bushido

now this is a nice z project...

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Wow. . . :shock: . . . I'm impressed.

All I gotta say is keep up the good work!!! And thanks a bunch for the detailed write up. I think I speak for all of us on the board when I said that I've been looking for someone to do a detailed writeup on their SR20 hybridZ project.


Interesting method you used on the mounts, though. . . I think I'm going to be going w/ a more conventional method of custom fabbing a cradle for mine, but your way is probably lighter :mrgreen: . I'm interested on how much more vibration you'll feel w/ those mounts. Please post your driving impressions on how the vibrations are w/ your mounts whenever you get the car running.


Again, thanks alot for your contribution to this forum, and helping out the out numbered 4 cylnder Z community (we seemed out numbered, anyway. lol).




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Guest Aguyandaredhead

Are those urethane motor mounts I see in the pics.. I was not aware of those being made yet.. If so where did you get them..


Beautiful car by the way....




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Finally, after so long I decided to pull my finger out & give my thumb ago... so I got stuck into the doors. The door shells were perfect, just surface rust but the skins needed changing (dented & rusty).

The door shells were garnet blasted then sprayed with POR 15 followed by fabricating new double intrusion bars made from T6061 alloy. These are much stronger than the single flimsy original pressed steel type.

There has also been a change to the door handles, out with the old & in with the new... now sporting the R32 Skyline type.









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i wish I had the nerve to change door handles. Those look MUCH better than the stock handles, and would match well with the shaved markers,drip rail,antenna,ect that i`m doing.


I guess my fear is not getting them to operate properly. I`d hate to screw up a perfect rust free pair of doors.

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Hi guys,


I've got stuck into the Z again, this time working on the front guards & spoiler. They have been shaped & ready to be glassed up.

Also been working on the front end suspension, I've changed the whole set up now & used S4/5 RX-7 stuts etc & made my own adjustable castor/camber tops. I've also fabricated a new engine x-member.





















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Guest padlok

I had a 72 w/ a single panel targa top. it looked so smooth I thought it might be factory. does anyone know if this was ever offered by the manufacurer?

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I think the as the saying goes, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it!" LOL biggrin.gif Sorry Stony, but I couldn't resist--nothing against you, man.


The work on this car is exceptional and I like where it is headed too. Only, it needs a twin turbo V8, then it would be purrrfect. :2thumbs:




It's been a while since I was last on here but I took ur advice DavyZ, SR20 out... twin turbo V8 in (hopefully it works out) with a few other changes as well.

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