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Looking for L28et in socal


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I'm looking for a l28et full swap wiling to pick up anywhere in SoCal thanks


What is your budget for this ? I live in Laguna Beach and have a recently re-built L28et , balance selected rods w/light prep,with special prepped head w/higher compression-( port matched,un-shrouded valves,3-angle valve grind). Polished turbo valve cover, high capacity oil pan, Custom aluminum high volume Intake manifold, ceramic 2k exhaust manifold w/custom stainless downpipe. Turbo is a Garrett T3/T4 also new. Tial 44mm wastegate. I am considering the sale of it all due to space constraints and having a full RB26dett and drivetrain. I just began to lay wires for a MegaSquirt v3.


You'd only have to source an inter-cooler and associated piping and a blow-off valve . Saving you MUCHo time to get to this point,believe me !



post-613-093273100 1326831117_thumb.jpg

post-613-094826000 1326831268_thumb.jpg

post-613-053165400 1326831330_thumb.jpg

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Hey TechZ, how much you trying to get for that l28et?


Not sure as of yet, its still all in the car. I do my own fabrication and welding etc. and I'm twisted on letting all that work go. I may never get the time to do one up like this again. But you know what you've got available funds -wise and what the combined bits can go for I'm sure. Feel free to PM me an offer......all I can say is ???? :).


I may just pull her and let it all go so I can do the awaiting RB26...it WOULD open up some space in the shop.

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