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David GArcia

260z filler neck

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As many of you may know the carburated 260z gas tank has a vapor tank that goes inside the cabin tucked in behind a body panel by the hatch. Since I am switching to EFI i have decided to remove the vapor tank but I am left with a dilemma since the filler hose has an opening that was meant for the vapor tank. Do i cap it? and how or, Is the a filler neck that could be used instead of that one. Thanks

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The tank requires two vents. One while filling and one while running. You'll just hate trying to fill your tank without hooking that vent line at the filler neck to the tank, and the tank will collapse as it empties without a vent to somewhere while running. Study the FSM's and you'll see how it works. There is a great thread on here someplace that fully explains methods to remove the vapor canister but keep venting.

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