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Phlebmaster's 1976 KZ400 Evolution- Full of pics and win!

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I have a 1976 KZ400 for my first ride. It is a bit of a project but that is what I love to do with things I am not familiar with. Some interesting facts about the bike...The engine has a 1976 engine code, the frame is stamped with a 1977 VIN, and the Title says 1978. LOL At first I was saying What the heck?!! But after some research I found out that Kawasaki had excess new parts from a lack of sales in 1976 so they put my bike together in 77 and sold it as new in 1978.


The bike currently has ~20,000 miles. It is in relativity good shape with the exception of a few minor things. I love the look of this bike, very classic cafe style. I may go that direction since I need to replace the duct tape laden seat. She already has a custom paint job and the chrome is there and rust free for the most part.


Mechanically I know I need to do a few things. I have already had the carbs done, new cables, points/condenser, tank cleaned, new hoses, etc... Compression is good and when I had it running it sounds great! I do need to replace the chain/sprockets. I fixed the "no-spark" issue as stated in the other thread. I will also need to do a clutch from what I understand from the previous owner.


I like to post pictures of different stages as I do with all of my project threads. (you can google "phlebmaster" to see the others if you wish) so this thread will have many pics and videos. Thank you for taking the time to read about my project!


The intent with this thread is to share what I learn with others as I work on this bike. It has worked out very well in the past, so let's get started!


Let's start with proper pictures of my bike!










Here is a video of her running and my first ride!



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Hope you have high speed internet! :mrgreen:


I put in my new clutch and rear sprocket. This is my first time doing this so keep that in mind, anyway I wanted to share what I did. I was very surprised at how simple this was!


I put her in the shed...



Pulled off all of the unnecessary parts...





Drained the oil...YUK! :shock:



Pulled the side cover off... I made marks and took pics of everything before I took anything off.



That came off easy!



The old clutch plates were pretty worn



Next I pulled the rear wheel and the old sprocket which was a 41 tooth, I now have a 45 stock rear. I am very happy about that!











That went on easy!





It was a very good day! I still need a new 530 X ~108 link chain and some good oil to finish this project! I hope I can get that soon because I am on vacation this week so I was hoping to take her for a ride. ugh! :mrgreen::shock::shock:

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Guess What....


I have a new chain!






Can you see the size difference between the new chain and the old rust rope that was on there before? :shock: Quality shows...





I have to pick up a master link but those are cheap



Next is the starter rebuild and another video! :thumbsup :thumbsup

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Starter rebuild accomplished!! :mrgreen: I was surprised at how easy this was, this was my first starter rebuild.


Here we go again....



Pulled the tank and carbs...





Pulled the stator cover off....



Pulled the starter gear and chain.....



Starters is out....



Rebuild kit and starter before tear down...



What a mess!!









This was the most scary part of the whole ordeal...I think you can imagine why. Look at all those pieces!!!





Going back together....



I put the tank back on and tested the starter...it cranks better than ever before!!

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So, I spoke to the guy who is going to recover my seat. I am thinking of a cafe racer look with colors that follow my bike's paint scheme.


Grey down the center, a white strip or piping to separate the side, then red for the sides.


Any ideas??? I will have this done in about 3 weeks!! Stay tuned!! :mrgreen:


Maybe something like this....



Or like this??



I am thinking this is the right way to go......

I like this one!!





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