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Calling "Mr Spanky" I want this grille


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I have been looking at this pic here and there for over a year. I really love it and want my Z to more or less have this front end. Th Z to the right with that beautiful grille is exactly what I would love to have on mine. If anyone has something like it or know where to get it and the little bumper ends I would appreciate it.


Thank you everyone.

post-9971-010131400 1332962323_thumb.jpg

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Those bumper ends look like the stock bumper someone cut up and had re-chromed.


I do like the look! kinda like a 70-73 Camaro split bumper.




I just noticed the matching passenger side mirror! Where the hell did that come from?

Oh and no front blinkers. lol

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I tried calling this shop but apparently the number provided by Google Maps was their fax machine number. I didn't know if anyone actually knew the guy with this car. The IMSA or cobra kit(not sure exactly) car on the left looks familiar. I figured it was a custom job but since I am willing to build one or have built I would rather go to the source.


Damn that car is beautiful though.

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Nice, I will check into it. I really appreciate all the help. I hate to copy someone else's work but I really like that front end. And I am more than willing to pay him for the time to make another if he doesn't mind. I can probably reproduce something similar but I am on such a time crunch right now that I doubt I have time. May be what it comes down to though.

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