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S13 roll cage comparability?

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Well the coupe is like a foot shorter. My 2+2 had almost the exact wheel base as my friends s13 hatchback. Hatch angle was steeper on the zx 2+2.


Do it and post results.


For what it's worth I would still rather have my cage custom bent. Its cramped as is in my coupe and I dont want to be hitting my head on the roll bar.

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I think you're wasting your time. For about the same amount of effort you could review this thread http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/83751-how-much-tubing-to-make-a-roll-bar/ and follow the experience there if you're on a budget. The link to the main hoop dimensions is broken, this is the correct link: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/gallery/image/3103-main-hoop-dimensions/



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