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What did you do to your Z today?

Racer Z

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Not all today but over the course of the past 3 weeks:


Fabricated two front ducts and 3 blocking plates to force more air through the radiator

Replaced my Flex-a-lite 210 with a Ford Taurus 2-speed fan

Replaced my old, cheap Dual head unit with an Apline 135BT

Got tired of not having horns so installed low and high tone FIAMM horns and wired them up to my fluid washer button (they are loud!)

Replaced my floor mats with new woven pile mats from MSA

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My fuel pump died so I am re-doing the fuel system by the tank.  I just ordered a replacement Walbro and ditched the Russell 40 micron pre-filter.  The Russell filter killed the pump.  I also ordered a Peterson Fluid Systems 600 series shut-off valve and 100 micron filter.  I am going to replace the small sections of -6 SS braided hoses (5+ years old now) with teflon coated lines and run a small SS hardline section from the tank to the new Peterson filter.

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Mounted my new Air-to-Water intercooler under the dashboard. Cut holes in the inner fender and the firewall to route the 3 1/2 inch cold pipe to the intercooler. Reclocked the compressor housings of the turbos for the cold pipes. Driving the Z to Mckinney Motorsports to have Mack build the cold pipes in the next few days.

Still much more to do....but I'm getting there.

Will post pics when I'm further along with the project.

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Got the wheels turning in motion on finding a set of Porsche 993 aero, door mirrors. I couldn't find a used set for less than $400 and a new manual set was quoted at $675, yikes! Found a local shop (Better Bodies Motorsport) that makes fiberglass parts for all types of p cars and makes a replica fiberglass set for less than $300, done deal.


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Drill holes and zip tie them! Call it a race car.


I finally got the rusty original airdam off... while breaking the rusted driver side fender tabs off in the process... *sigh

I got creative and was able to bolt the air dam secure in some other spots and ended up zip tieing the sides to the fenders :D Because racecar right Rebekah?

Went on the highway and it held up fine with no issues, next up is the 240z bumper.

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