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Rb motor/ trans mounts


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What's up guys?


I built some motor mounts/tran mounts for a buddy's car and I was wondering if there would be any interest for me supplying motor/trans mounts at a reasonable cost. I have been building the rb rear sump pans for some time now.



Let me know if there would be any interest.




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I don't have any pics. If there was any SERIOUS interest I would go through the whole process and build a jig and make a set and send them to my powdercoater. And then supply pics.



The ones I made fit perfect. Low and back.



I'm just seeing if there is any interest before I devote my time in making these.

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Mickinney Motorsports only offers Poly. Rick Wong mounts use Supra isolators, which prob have the option of poly, but does not offer a trans mount.


What isolators will this setup utilize? it's the details that will make this a worthwhile endeavor for both you and the customer. If you can incorporate the following features into the design you will have a very good product that will sell well.


1. Isolators that have different durometers for both engine and transmission.

2. Engine and trans mounts are from a readily available production vehicle (and you disclose the information)

3. Offers good exhaust and steering clearance.

4. Locate the engine as far back and as low as possible. (sounds like you have this one nailed)

5. Allow the transmission vertical adjustment to set drive line angles.

6. Can withstand high hp/torque

7. Can be used with either early or late style transmission crossmember to body mounts.

8. Offer an optional drive line, or at a minimum, post specs if others want to build their own.

9. Don't force powder coating. Have it as an additional extra.


My suggestion is to post pics of the proposed kit as laid out on the table and installed. Don't worry about the bling factor at this point, and offer a bare metal option, some folks want custom colors, and others like me would rather have a part that you don't care if you scratch it, as you can rattle can fix it later.


And for the record, i'm not going RB, just staying L series, so don't view my input as a potential sale. I think all of the gripes I've read of and seen can be addressed by one of the above points. I think if the new design addresses a number of the above, then others could more confidently express interest. Regardless of how much input you receive, if you offer the best product on the market at a reasonable price, it will sell. Both of the current offerings have serious limitations.


Just my .02 (or is that 20.)

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Thanks for the advise but this thread was asking if there was any interest in motor mounts/trans mount offered at a lower cost. I wasn't asking how to build them or offer them to the public. I was trying to save some fellow members of the forum a lower cost solution. I feel that 500.00 plus for motor mounts is just crazy. And at the end of the day they are just mounts they don't do anything than hold the motor and trans in place.They don't make the car faster. Or do anything productive in any way.I'm not saying that my mounts are crap but they do the job and they do it as well as any other mounts offered but at a LOWER price.

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I would def be interested in the future. Doing an rb swap isnt cheap as it is so any cost savings is appreciated. I have browsed through the forums numerous times and seen your oil pan work so i am sure your mounts would be top notch as well. Keep us posted. Mine would be for a rhd. Mckinneys will work so i am sure yours would as well.

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