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S30's 2+2 vs Coupe

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Well to start off with did try to do some searching on here to find some information on 2+2's... to no avail. I do know several member have 2+2s and need a few things verified. Mainly where is the extra length in the chassis put? I remember reading that 2+2 doors are longer than coupe doors, which would tell me they added the room right behind the drivers seat. I would be interested in getting a 2+2 if I could put a coupe hatch on it and make the roof line resemble a coupe. I would imagine I would need most if not all of a coupe hatch and roof to have enough sheet metal to work with. I'm also thinking I may have to modify / chop the A pillars.


Any thoughts or input on this? Any one able to verify where the extra length is added in to the chassis?

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I've owned a few 2+2's and compared to my 260z the extra length is definitely added in after the drivers seat, it's pretty noticeable underneath as if I remember correctly you can see where they added on to the front half of a coupe unibody. But it's been a while since I've had them. IMO it would be a lot of work to put a Coupe roof line on a 2+2 when you could just go out and get a Coupe.


I've always wanted to modifiy a 2+2 to have a trunk rather then a Hatch and just angle the glass more, sort of like a older mustang. I'll try to portray my idea, but if you check out the picture below you can see where the body line starts to flatten out after the Pillar Trim, I would give the glass section of the hatch a steeper angle then fabricate a small trunk lid, similar to a mustang or what guy's that make Z's into convertibles do. I think the 2+2 would look great as a Sedan type, Almost like a Early skyline.






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Check out the 2+2 thread. There was a member that modified the roof line. I dont know if doing what you want will look good. I think you need the quarter windows how they are to keep the car proportional.


The doors are longer, the rocker behind the door is longer (obviously) and the rear fenders behind the wheel is different.

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I must agree here too, I love the lines of the 2+2 also so it doesn't really bother me, even more so since in a few years I plan to drive my way from the UK to Tokyo for a break with a couple of friends. So yeah, the extra seats are useful. They don't detract from the appearance IMHO, merely make it unique.

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That will be one hell of a break! I hope you take an "interesting" route, following the old spice road through the former Empire!

Burma is now open... I've been toying with the idea of a RoRo to Singapore and auto-touring through Malaya, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and maybe Vietnam.


Rally-Spec 2+2 mandatory! ;)

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