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Shaved Intake (78 280Z)

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Hello all. I removed all the cold start pieces from my intake today. When I started it up it ran like **** and would only idle and run pretty good if I had the plug open between the AFM and the TB. As soon as I would put my finger over the hole it would not even idle. I hooked the thermal time switch, started it up and it ran like **** with the plug open between the AFM and TB, so I plugged it and it straightened right out and ran beautifully. What did I do wrong on this?



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Plugs are used to fill holes. When you say "cold start" do you mean AAR and cold start valve (injector)?


The intake system and crankcase have to be completely sealed from outside air. All air must pass through the AFM. Seal all of the holes you've created.


The thermotime switch just controls power to the cold start injector, when the key is at Start only.

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I did this to my 280zx. The engine will start up no problem but will idle like its gonna die at 500rpm for like 30 seconds. Then the cold start idle up circuit cuts out and it idles normally at around 750rpm.


I removed the cold start injector and the AAR (idle up thingy) and plugged the rubber boot between the AFM and TB. Also threw away the cold start wiring plug.


This is how the engine is in my car


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Before you hang me I know I could search harder and find an answer and I'm sorry if someone has a problem with my apparent laziness, but if you delete the AAC, cold start injector, and egr do I need to do any ecu tuning or get mega squirt? My stoc 77 280 is sitting with the motor out and I hope to upgrade to an electric water pump and electric fans also and want to prioritize my spending list. Any help is greatly appreciated

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Right, more info... I have an n42 block with an egr n47 intake (p79 heads if it matters) and as of now it sits with the motor out to do suspension and body work. Basically I plan to build a fun N/A motor to drive around in. I would like to clean up the intake and haven't been able to tell if others who have done the AAC and other systems deletes are still running off the old ECM. From what I can gather, it's possible but I wanted to ask what to expect. I do plan on building an l28et and upgrading to ms in the future, but for now I just want to drive my car! It's been 7 years! I just want to prioritize as I said and if needed start saving now for ms...



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Firstly, you should probably start your own thread, describing what you're trying to do.  Talking about getting an old engine running at the tail end of a thread about shaved intake manifolds won't draw much attention.


Second, that's not a stock combination of parts.  But you should be able to get it running well with the stock ECU, others have done it.  But it's a low compression ratio engine.  It's already at the typical turbo engine compression ratio.  But you should know that already, it gets talked about all the time.


Not many people, if any, run electric water pumps.  With that pile of parts and planning for electric water pumps, you have a lot of work ahead.  Probably best to just get some new gaskets and start bolting the parts together.  Get the engine in the car and get it running.  You can bolt any turbo parts on with it installed, and convert to Megasquirt too.  Getting it running in "stock" form will let you know if the engine is even worth keeping, and you can learn as you go, and drive the car.

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