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Top chop update

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This is just a mockup to try my options. The charge cooler is from a Jaguar x300 and welded to a modified injection intake. My plan is to put the m90 on a l28, but that engine has to be built from begin to end.

I have a running n/a L26 to put in the car when ready some time.  When the car is running i can put the turbo with charge cooler on the L26 without modifications on intake and exhaust........ as far as I can see right now.


I DONT have plans to use both together.

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Attention, this is what the aforementioned car looked like.... It was purchased FOR PARTS, the 3.0 EFI Stroker was pulled along with it's five speed, and shipped to Holland...



Everybody with a Fisheye has photos like this...



The reason it looks like it's laying on the lower radiator support is because it had the entire engine cradle removed the night prior...



Waiting to load into the container.



I'm sure my neighbors love me when MSA comes...



In the container... I skipped the gory details of how it got from the ground into there. See the other post about Tow Hooks and you will get the idea!



The Vampires storm the unsuspecting Z...fat with succulent parts...tearing it asunder and removing it's 3 Liter Heart...violently with blunt metal "tools"...



The heart is held aloft, for the crowd to cheer at the consummation of the sacrifice, the eager recipients of the booty await their succor...



Placed on the altar of sacrifice...it is taken away!



And the body, suitably disposed of, now allows the Vampires a respite...


And jack280 knows it's HIS car because he can crosscheck the VIN on the windshield! LOL


Yes, I have my own Forklift, and yes I drive it in Flip Flops...what about it?


Jack280, sorry this took so darned long to do! I ran across these doing something for work and said "NOW OR NEVER!" and posted what I had. Hope this gives you the 'Before' photos you can use to show the world what you've done to the car! That VIN on the windshield for Shipping & Customs inspection kinda is a dead stone cold proof it's the same chassis!










Edited by Tony D

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Hi Tony,

It took some time to figure out how i wanted to modificate the bodywork.

Can you send me some pics from the cars previous life? I would like to complete the story.

The only picture i have, is one standing in the back of the container before shipping.


I hope to post soon more pics from the side glass experiment and window frames.



It only took two months and a year to get them up here! 

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Common practice, or cribbing up from the floor.


7 1/2 in that container, and it was STANDARD! A HC would make that Child's play now!

You can see the front cut to the right of the yellow car in the one photo.


And our packing technique is much more refined!

Edited by Tony D

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Hi Tony, thanks for the pics from the end of my cars life in your garden. Still working on the reincarnation to give the car a new life.

Xander,Memories? sometimes its more like a nightmare to find time to complete the project. Nice avatar, I drove that car more than 70k km and used it for parts. Memories, it was a nice time

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This evening welded for third time my roof on my car. I made a test fit with the stock windscreen, a couple weeks ago, and the gap was to big. I modified the windscreen flange on top and bottom and used an other roof.

After 5 series of fitting the windscreen and roof, I found the best option.post-2137-0-94015700-1381264165_thumb.jpg

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Great Job. Where did you come up with the angle you put on the windshield?  was it a certain degree of rake for a specific aerodynamic outcome or did you just eyeball it until it looked good which is ok, cause it does look good for sure. When i shaved my drip rails on my v-12 z i thought about chopping the top as well but i just wanted to get it going and already had so much work in shaving the car and doing other stuff i didn't. One day though! 

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I was looking for a chopped z roof and it was hard to find.

I put my car on a flat floor with som reinforcements welded in the door gap. Had something in mind between 50 and 75mm.

Removed the complete windscreen frame and that allows me to find the right angle. My biggest issue was head space.

The lower you go with the roof, more trouble you will find with the radius of your door glass and frame. For exact measurements search in the beginning of this thread.

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Headroom is resolved with floor mounting the seats, usually...but I believe the floor on this car has been RAISED 75mm (?)


Leaving reclining the seatback the only other option....


Or putting "Cobra Bubbles" in the roof....





Muahahaha hahahaha!


"Come roof fitting Series Six, because Cobra Bubbles are easier to beat when the roof is off..."

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No Tony, my floor is raised 30mm and mijn chassismember is straight from the front to the lowest point of the original floor in the back. 

The seat is mounted on the floor in back.


I tried a zagato styled roof in the past, but that looked ugly. That was my first roof fitting series.

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