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Top chop update

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It took some time to smooth the body. At one point I lost my patience, so I spent some time on a L24 engine. Just a clean up and turbo swap.

Fresh paint and matching a modified watercooled intercooler injection intake. I had some days of from work and now it had to happen.

I bougt some Mount fuji blue 564, direct gloss  black and 2 litres of spray filler. First layer on the sanded body is grey epoxy.


















After a couple of long days, you can see the result, and the sanding continues........

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I remember the time before I had my Z sprayed, I was so careless around it but now I love and hate it cause now I have to be cautious working around it. But dang dose that thing look sweet, and not even completed all the way.

Lol that's like me right now! I always make jokes to people in my household to be careful and not scratch the paint because the paint is coming off due to being in terrible condition.


I agree, the thing looks slick dude! It's subtle, but it makes a huge difference. I know that doesn't make much sense but it's the best I can describe it haha

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