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custom 10" wide rims on z31

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I am wanting to know if there is any way these rims would fit on an 87 300zx N/A? They are 15" rims, but 10" wide. I think they have the right bolt pattern, but don't know if they are too wide or if I'd be able to get a street tire in the right sizing for these cars. Link to them is below.




I know a lot of people would wonder why I would want to use these but it's just the look I like. I was hoping to give my car a more American / Muscle car type look. I'm just not a fan of 18" rims or the bling bling look. Hence why I am on hybrid Z in the first place.



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Those probably won't fit because first off all they have massive positive offset, not negative, unless he's measuring the lip and in that case they have wayyyyy too much negative offset. If you do get them you're going to have to stretch street tires on them or run racing slicks.

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I think a 10" rim will fit, but needs like a 6" backspacing... If it fits, a 6.5" offset may be better to allow a more aggressive (wider section) if it doesn't start to rub in the rear first. These ideas are going by I have 8" rims with a 4" backspacing... Goodluck!

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