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~73 Turbo L28 to N/A RB25 240z Project~

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I also had to re-install the rear passenger fender flare. Previous owner had installed this one a bit lower than the other side. This was always playing tricks on me when I was adjusting the ride height, the car itself would be level but the right rear would always appear lower. Now the suspension height to wheel gap is just about spot on, I could even lower the rear a pinch now but I kind of like it how it is now.








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5 hours ago, Neverdone said:

Car looks stunning! Congrats on not selling it! Now continue to not sell it.


Make more videos.

Haha thank you. Your feedback is much appreciated, definitely helps keep me motivated. I've been slacking on the video making because the car has been down on power for a while now and when I have time with the car it's been troubleshooting and tuning. I just can't seem to get to the bottom of it. Just recently the car developed a hot start issue followed by power cut during hard acceleration in 5th gear and progressing down into 3rd. It's got all the symptoms of a bad/leaky injector(s) so the injectors & rail are being sent out to DeatschWerks for their Dynamic Injector Service & Fuel Rail Service. Hopefully my next post is reporting the car is running 110%..fingers crossed.

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