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Z Race Products coil overs and camber plates.

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I installed these for a customer/friend and figured i would share the pics of the progress so far. on this setup you haft to grind off the part that holds the original spring and weld a sleeve on there to hold the coil over setup in place. After i got it all cleaned up i powder coated it super mirror red. the camber plate is fairly easy with the template. after i finish painting the engine bay and start putting the car back together ill post more pics. Enjoy.

post-14917-031016900 1345932513_thumb.jpg


post-14917-015915100 1345932548_thumb.jpg


post-14917-037911300 1345932556_thumb.jpg


post-14917-027127300 1345932599_thumb.jpg


post-14917-068206700 1345932569_thumb.jpg


post-14917-039784200 1345932578_thumb.jpg


post-14917-099725500 1345932618_thumb.jpg


post-14917-040734800 1345932638_thumb.jpg


post-14917-027048300 1345932646_thumb.jpg


post-14917-069958800 1345932654_thumb.jpg


post-14917-071601700 1345932667_thumb.jpg


post-14917-004542200 1345932678_thumb.jpg


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I would like to get some more info from z race products about the coilovers, camber plates & strut bars because I was just getting ready to order ground control coilovers, etc. I like the looks of this, but would like more info, (spring rates, prices, availability, etc.)

So, if you know the guy let him know there's interested potential customers out there needing info. Thanks

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You will want to reinforce the underside of the top of the strut tower with a plate similar to the one on top. Otherwise the entire weight of the front of the car is held with the four nuts on each camber plate.


This was discused in another thread on GC camber plate installs.


Otherwise it looks like great stuff.

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