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76-77 fuel tank swap.

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I'm working on restoring a 1976 280Z but have had a lot of trouble locating a fuel tank in useable condition. The one I have is all rusted out and the only place that refurbishes them that I could find wants 350 to do it. I'm on a budget so I'd rather not go that route. I understand that the '76 and '77 tanks are different. My questions is; could you use a '77 tank on a '76 if you switched out the spare tire well? This is my first build/restore so I'm trying to find the easiest/most inexpensive to do things with out compromising quality.


Any help would appreciated.



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You can try and refurbish the tank yourself, eastwood sells a POR15 kit for like $75. The easiest way is problably not going to be switching out the spare tire well. 75-76 might be a little hard to come by. I believe the 75-76 tanks are different from the 77-78 tanks. The 77-78 are bigger because they fit under a space saver tire well therefore they wont bolt up to the full size tire well of a 76. $350 seems kind of overpriced but i dont know how remote your location is. A radiator shop charged me under $150 to clean the rust and line the inside of the tank.

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