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Air Dam with Front License Plate

Atozone Tonine

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I bought a 1971 240z with no front valence, air dam, or bumper.


looking at my air dam options...


I like the look of the air dam with no holes in the front.

type 1


The DMVhere in California says I need to have a front license plate.. not sure where to put it.

so I was looking at this one: with place for license plate


but isn't the urethane one more durable? my car is very low, and I suspect the last one was damaged.

urethane air dam


does anyone have pics of the one with the place for a license plate actually on their car?

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Maybe I'm just careless but I'd definitely go for the urethane. I've nudged enough parking blocks and scraped on enough oddly sloped driveways to easily justify its purchase over the fiberglass. I've hit some autocross cones pretty hard as well.


As far as front plate - I prefer long zip ties, the white ones are pretty hard to see from a distance...



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You can always mount your plate on the dash/in the windshield. At least you can in Washington!

...The license plate must be affixed to the front of the vehicle and kept clean so as to be plainly seen and read at all times...

According to local LEO's, sitting on the dash in my camaro counts!


As far as I know, all of the double stacked grilles are custom pieces. I know one member found a billet ford grille at a yardsale that was a pretty close fit, but not perfect.

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Just my experiance, yours may vary:


I've lived in California all my 50 years and I have never run a front plate on any of my personal cars and trucks. I just think they look ugly.


I always keep the plate somewhere in the vehicle and I have a prepared story for the officer, "I've ordered the mounting bracket but it hasn't come in yet".


But I have NEVER been been bothered about it from any type of officer. Never even asked. I've been pulled over for other infractions (it's been quite a while since the last time) but none were ever interested in checking my front plate.

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But I have NEVER been been bothered about it from any type of officer.


good to know. ill try it for a bit and see what happens. I think its just a $25 fix-it ticket anyways.


Also I heard you cant get a ticket for running a red if you dont have the front plate (some areas still have the cams).. so the risk of getting a fix-it ticket might be worth it to avoid a more costly ticket

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I can contend to te "don't worry about it" mindset, I'm in Cali, I've never had a front plate on any of my performance cars and only once have I ha it even mentioned by a cop


That being said I have a friend whose only been pulled over twice and both were for no front plate

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