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Mornings are going to suck for a while...


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Yesterday morning we had to put CJ, our 15 year old basset beagel, to sleep. Old age had gotten the best of him, and it was "time". Fortunately, the vet said we hadn't done the worst and waited to long.


CJ was just 2 years old when I my wife, Donna and he was something else. From the beginning he tried to bite me, because he was her dog and I was a stranger. I was not a dog person, so when Donna moved to a house that wouldn't take pets, I took him to live with me and was wondering what the hell I was getting into. I was getting into becoming a dog person, I just didn't know it yet. The dog and I bonded and I grew to love him.


Over the years he and I had a routine in the morning. I'd get up before sunrise (like today) and make coffee, and he would hear me and start wagging his tail. I would come over to him and start scratching his belly and stroking his face. Once he "woke up" fully, he'd nuzzle me with his snout. Up until last weekend he did this every weekend morning. I knew it was getting close to his time because this past weekend he just didn't have it in him.


I listened for him this morning and my heart sank.


CJ survived Cancer, Pancriatis, blindness the last 2 years, and a myriad of other illnesses and died as god intended him to, of old age. We are heartbroken over losing him, and I'm still crying, typiing this to you guys. But we spoiled and loved him and gave him a wonderful home.



Yea Mornings are going to suck for a while.

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I know just how you feel Mike. I went through the same thing recently, loosing my 18 yr old best bud. It hurts but you have to think of whats best for them. I wanted to be selfish and try and keep her alive as long as possible, just cause I didn't want to go through the pain of not having her anymore, but she let me know it was time.


I went out and bought another one the next day, despite what folks said. Best decision I made. It helped tremendously...


I hope you the best.


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Going through that right now with our little dog Howdy. It sucks that people outlive their dogs but I know I'll see them again when I finally pass away. Imagine ALL of your old dogs running up to you as you go through the Pearly Gates. Imagine the piles of poop you're going to have to pick up every day!


Sorry you're having to go through this Mike.

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That sucks. My bud in Chicago just lost his long-term Pug...

And my Rottie is up in hours as well.


I would agree, find "CJ2"--a pup with that devilish streak that looks at you and pees on your foot.


It's the best recovery. It will never replace the original, but it does keep the memories alive and happy.

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yep, my golden retriever is up there in years (12) and his hips are not doing so well. he will fall down on occasion and it sucks to see him and he looks at us and with those eyes and is embarrassed. he will still run around and jump and play with our other dog so it is not quite time yet but getting close. for a while after my bone marrow transplant and things were not going so well, i told him it that i thought it might be a race to see who goes first. it looks like he will. my family will be devastated when the old man goes, especially the wife and kids. I plan on rescuing another one soon after hobbies goes. hate the thought.



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You know, I've been thinking about this alot lately.

Got a ten year old pit of some sort I call Bruno. I'm twenty six, and he's the first living being that I've had to be fully responsible for. Someone gave him to me at the store I used to work at because his p.o. got locked up, and he was alone in the apartment. I wasn't allowed to bring a dog home, this being my third attempt, but apparently Bruno's got some charm as my granma got attached almost immediately. He has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me, an apt alternative to having children for me at this time. Alas, his activity level has seen a steady decline and I've been pondering his waning days. I've come to the decision that when he dies, it will be at home with the family that loves him.

Last year I was trying to run a shop for some fool who got himself arrested, and one of the customers owed me a hundred and ten bucks. Maybe he was short on cash, but he brings me this three month old blue/brindell pup. A month later he came down with parvo, he was in such a pitiful state that I had to resort to pedialyte enemas to keep him alive. I named him Whisky, and he's a year and a half now.

When I figured Bruno's age, I got sorta desperate to mate him, so I could hold onto one of his posterity. No one wants to mate with an old dog though. However, Whisky has learned from him to such an extent that I feel like he may as well be his descendant.

I wonder how many times I will have to bury one of my boys before it's my time. It's a hard pill to swallow.

I made my decision against euthanasia, but far be it from me to be unsympathetic to your plight. I'm sorry for your loss.








Adopting a new best friend is the only way I would deal with losing mine. There are plenty that need proper homes out there.

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Have to say this thread has Meaning to me too, just less then 6 months ago we had to put down my Childhood dog, we had him since i was 8 and he was the father of the 10 puppies that i helped deliver and brought one back from being still born. He was my Best friend and one of the most loving dogs ive ever known, making me happy was far more important to him then anything else. He also always jumping up and down, which is how he got his name Tigger. He was 15 and was having some serious medical problems, Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things ive ever had to do and thinking about him now brings tears to my eyes. We don't realize how deep the bonds go with our animals till their gone. RIP all those furry little critters we called Family.

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Today, Oct 26, 2012 is the second anniversary of my boyhood friends father passing away, two years ago. Retired MSG, 1st Air Cav, 5/7 Bravo Co. tour in Korea, Two in Nam, retired to be. Deputy Sheriff in the town he was born. Many of his friends ate clustered on The Wall coinciding with 1Dec66, where one of the men in his outfit performed feats of valor high enough to receive the Medal of Honor. That would be Pvt. Alabrese of Brooklyn NY. None of these thing we knew as kids, we just knew when said move, you moved.This coming Sunday will mark the first Anniversary of the sudden passing of my mother, who marched me over to the above man's house to apologise for whacking his kid over he head with a stone (it was in my sweater pocket)... Not cool for a kid who's haemophiliac... His response was " they're kids, it's just a hole in his head, it'll mend, a little blood now and again reminds him he can't be an ******* to people just because they treat him tender. It's good for him, he needed it. Tony, he's upstairs if you want to straighten anything more out. Nancy, would you like a coffee?"

It was different then.sad.gif

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It's been a week since we put CJ down. Three days ago we picked up his ashes at the vet, and a print of his paw. Yesterday we removed the chainlink fence in our back yard. Not because we won't have another dog, but because the other dog we currently have has a peculiar desire to poop in the woods away from the house. Go figure.


Still Miss our Blind old man CJ...



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