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Hi everybody, so its been awhile since I've posted anything about my car. More or less because I've been driving the hell out of it. I just love this car to death. But the time has come and the L28e is tired. So heres whats going on.


1. Ordered SR20DET engine and trans mounts from Mckinny motorsports, guys were awesome to deal with and very quick to ship. The only thing was that the tranny mount was powder coated and the engine mounts weren't and came bare metal. But the workmanship looks great and welds look solid and very nice. 4.90 out of 5 :2thumbs:

2. Brakes are now working tip top and had HID's installed

3. I am currently stripping off the disgusting paint that the PO put on... latex house paint... yeah. I am using airplane stripper to get the stuff off and I've used almost the entire can and still am not done. It took 3-4 coats just to get the rolled on clear coat off :-(. So its been pretty brutal.

4. Ordering the s14 sr20det later this week

5. Have pretty much decided on a dark metallic grey with a glossy clear. And just have to go pick up the paint.


Things that are still nagging at me, are the tire wheel size, I've been looking around the site and I guess 15x9's with 205's and a -10 offset will work. So I think I'm gonna go with drag dr20's. I really like that old school look and my car is already lowered 3inches from stock so they should fit really nice. So anyway let me know what you think. Oh and if anyone is in the Columbus GA or surrounding area was thinking about trying to get some people together for a meet or something. New Z's old Z's whatever. Just send me a message on here and I'll throw you my number and email.


Here is a video I made of my car its pretty much just fluff till about 3:30 when I get on the highway, but you can watch the speedo... pretty brutal. I guess not bad for a stock l28e.

post-30317-082356600 1352084897_thumb.jpg

post-30317-040846600 1352084968_thumb.jpg

post-30317-090583000 1352085132_thumb.jpg

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Well here is where the project currently stands,

Engine/Tranny have been paid for, sr20det is coming

engine mounts and tranny mounts are here

need to by half drive shaft for cheap to get the yolk.









Body is stripped down to bare metal 97%

small details and we are ready to rock.

Back bushing are all ready to go in!



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