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It's a drifted bastard 280ZX

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Hi! I'm Allen.


Well, I guess it all started a few years ago, just started to get into it a bit more as of late so I figured why not make a thread on my progress. Not sure if you guys will even read anything here, I'm just going to make this my little work blog thing. :)


SO - had a few cars in my time. Dozens of Mercedes, a Honda here and a BMW there. Flipping cars for fun since I was 15. The ONE car that got me into drifting had to have been my 92 300CE Mercedes. I converted that one to be one of the only ones in the US with a 5 speed. Figure a kid with a 5 speed and LSD could do some damage.


Here was the car in its "prime" I guess. I never had pictures of my EXACT car, but this was basically an exact replica. I bought my wheels from this dude too.



So after cruising around, etc the LSD wouldn't hold anymore and I had an open diff welded. Playing around with that I slammed into a curb one day and ruined my entire drivers side rear. Had 3 piece AMGs on the car that were destroyed. Sold the 3 remaining wheels, traded my welded diff, and got a V8 suspension to put onto the car. From there, stopped sliding around - for the most part.


Then somewhere along the line I graduated high school and my dad gave me his old 82 Datsun 280ZX project car. It ran, it drove, it was a work in progress. I figure 16 years of sitting around would be a total pain in my ass, but the car was mine for nothing.


This is basically the car AS I first got it.



Had a massive exhaust leak, massive boost leak, but it was fully built and ran. Sat down with the old man to try and figure out what was done to the car so I can set out my game plan. Little did he know I planned on turning the car into a drift missile. Nobody really does it from what I can tell (and for good reason I'm sure) but I can only see myself sliding this car. Well sweet!


Engine after sitting for 16 years



Being a kid with no job, had the car sit for a good year or two before I could finally start tearing into it.


Got it into my garage and I was ready to start ripping it apart



Plans were coils, wheels, weld diff, drift. HAD NO idea what I was in for, but whatever, I kept at it and wasn't stressing.


Fixed the exhaust and intake leaks, stripped the car of its exhaust. Bored out the intake manifold, dewebbed intake manifold, need more fuel for moar boost so I had a pallnet rail, evo intercooler, 300ZX ecu and maf set up as blow through. Welded the rear end. Probably the coolest thing that was done are the 240sx coilovers. Rears slipped right in, fronts had to be welded on. COOL, never have done anything like that, but it works and it's pretty interesting.


THE LOWZ - with a shitty bash bar




time progressed and I got a front apron for it



then i got wherls - they're xxrs i know. but i figure i'll be caring less about the wheels and going harder in my driving.



SO then i got the fronts mounted lol



and thats where i was at for a while. i'll update as i get bored i guess

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continuing my story. ran some 527's up front for a good while, still have them on while i'm waiting for my other shitty wheels to come in. and got some 530's for the rears. cars sits like so:


i like the height, could go lower, but we'll see when aero is finally put on the car.


made the engine bay all purty - removed EVERYTHING vacuum controlled. no idle control, no air regulator, no cruise control, etc. stripped her bare. but, i don't have a super decent picture of engine bay, so i'll leave you with this, i guess.



and another engine shot and the tall fat kid next to the police is me. yeah.


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ask and you shall receive. 

this is where i'm at now... kind of . 


my motor's a little more put together than that at the moment. the whole ZC tagged onto the block is a little group i help run on facebook  Zero Clearance. We hold meets, etc in the Chicago area. facebook.com/zeroclearanceIL if you want to check it out i guess. 

3.1 stroker n42 block. lots of other goodies going on soon enough. :) should be a fun turbo filled season.


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put some pics up of the front bash guard, i might make one to drive through 5 o'clock traffic haha. yours looks sick though!


i cut it all off. putting original bumpers back on the car. i could never find anything cool to put over the skeleton so it's now gone. 

What size are the front and rear wheels?? Tire size? I like the look alot, keep it going

i had some square g6 17x9 +15 with 50mm spacers on the front

and all of the XXR's were 17x10 +25 with 50mm spacers 


tires i think were 225/45 on front and anything i could get in 17 on the rear (which was usually 225/235)


hey man any chance you still got your original bumpers?

keeping them!

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motor's all put back together. 


rotates nicely and has decent compression rotating by hand. seems like everything in there is going to seat wonderfully once I get her fired up. 

as of now, engine bay is completely stripped down and is getting prepped for paint. once paint is done, motor and built t5 are going in and i can start putting the rest of the car together. i forgot i had a thread thingy here so i'll be posting more often!


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