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Has anyone woodgrained their steering wheel


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There's some confusion on what the wheels are made out of, and honestly I'm not quite sure.

I lightly sanded the "wood" and metal spokes. Hit the spokes with satin spray paint and and stained the "wood". It took the color, but not as well as I hoped it would have. I then followed up with a glossy brush on lacquer and it came out looking great!


Not sure how well it held up though. It was too pretty so I sold it on eBay about a week later :P

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It is actually a shredded wood-plastic composite. If it was cut from solid wood, it would be called Stablized Wood, wherin the wood is impregnated under vacuum with a liquid plastic, and is then cured. It can then be cut into shape, or as part of the curing process it can be formed into shape.


The answer is yes, it's real wood...but more like epoxy-soaked chipboard, as far as a materials standpoint goes.

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I restored a couple of them and sold one to a guy in Dubai who is building a full-on restoration. He seemed pretty pleased so I guess I did it right.


The early wheels are made of a wood impregnated composite material. Here is what I did.


First, I took 00 steel wool and removed the finish on the rim of the wheel. After that, I wiped it down with laquer thinner. Next, I carefully taped the rim portion with blue painters tape. Then, into my blast cabinet to remove the paint on the inner spokes. After that, I removed the tape on the outer rim and re-taped it. It is harboring glass bead or whatever media you use. Then, two good coats of primer followed by a couple coats of satin black. Last I turned my attention to the outer rim once again. I again wiped it down with laquer thinner and taped the spokes with blue painters tape. I then put on three or four coats of a spray on clear polyeurathane. There is no need to stain as putting on the clear polyeurathane brings up a deep red wood finish. Check out my results below...


post-19365-066517300 1342381100_thumb.jpg


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