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I'm reasonable, make a reasonable offer and we can work something out.


Prices do not include shipping (which you will have to pay)


T350 trans - $200


Exhaust system, S130 custom - $350


Trick Flow 23 degree aluminum heads

Scorpion 1.5 anodized roller rockers - $800


Edelbrock performer RPM intake - $150


Holley 3310 vacuum carb 750cfm -$100


350 shortblock w/

Comp Cams 268XE cam - $250


JTR block huggers (ceramic) - $200


MSD pro billet distributor - $175

MSD 6AL box - $150


JTR SBC engine mounts/plates - $50

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Where are you located?

Is the intake an air gap or just performer?

Pic of the MSD box would be apperciated.






I'm in Massachusetts.

Just a Performer intake as far as I know





Interested in the JTR mounts. What's included? Who kit or partial? Also the headers as well.

Pics please




Like it says, I'll give you mounts and engine-related brackets. No transmission parts. $50 plus shipping .



I'll post pictures ASAP

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Still have the sbc engine mounts for sale?  I'm looking for a set.  If so please email me at ap72license@hotmail.com with a picture showing they're in usable condition and I'll send you payment.  I'll also need a shipping estimate.

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