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Boned Again! A rant about lifes little suprises aka Fear And Loathing!


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So I just spent the better part of this year fighting insurance and dealing with DMV over my car that was hit in Feb.


Well my 72 orange Z was hit today. This time I was driving 50mph in the slow lane when a new Toyota Sienna van hydroplaned across 2 lanes to find my drivers side front fender. Spun me 180* around so I slide from about 45mph to a stop in reverse on the shoulder while the van went off the road and up the side of an embankment.


















My back and neck hurt pretty good. Gotta go to the doctor tomorrow. My passenger hit his head on the dash and messed his arm up. His back and neck are also killing him. Funny how it takes 2.5 hours for the pain to show up!


Im sure the car is totaled. The strut was broken off from the spindle up front, brand new radiator was bent sideways, and the strut tower is all contorted. I can fix my 260Z, but this is not worth fixing. The sad part is that I have a front clip, but no shop that can do the work correctly will be cheap enough to not have it be salvaged. Its gonna be a fun dealing with all this over the next few months.


The guy who hit me was in shock. His kid in the van. He didnt speak very much English. "Road Slip" was all he told us, No shItz sir!


I just bought this car not long ago so insurance has no leg to stand on about what its worth is. $800 in Sales tax to DMV. Let them total it. Ill collect and retain it I suppose and buy a clean 72 chassis to transfer over all my parts to.


Seriously, I have a perfect driving record and Im hit by 3 idiots in the same year! 2012 can suck me where the sun dont shine! Does Karma only work in a negative fashion? Perhaps I was Hitler in a former life? I dont get. So again I have no DD Zcar. twitch twitch... how am I suppose to get that fix?


Signed Fear And Loathing

By Ray A.

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I have been servicing this car since 2002. I bought the car very recently and have been driving it every day to work. I have a lot of history with the car. My first thoughts when the car came to a stop were simply as the title states. Fear and Loathing. I got out of the car with tears in my eyes. I have 2 cars that mean so much to me that they are somewhere between a pet and a child. Both of those cars that I have had so much history with have been hit this year. One nearly totaled and this one Im sure is totaled.


My passenger and I did not escape unscathed though. Both of us started having pain 2.5 hours later. Back and Neck. We are going to see the doc tomorrow morning. My buddy hit his head on the dash and did something to his right arm and its swelling. He neglected to tell me or the paramedics. I did not see him during the accident or I would have said something. I was focused on keeping the car going 45mph in reverse down the freeway on the shoulder and not onto the embankment or out into the other 4 lanes. That was all I could do. Somehow I let the clutch out in reverse direction in 5th gear and stalled the engine out before we stopped. Its very surreal to see a vehicle come out of the mist at a 45* angle doing 50-55mph just before they hit you! I knew what was going to happen and I prepared as best I could, but man I can tell you the driver was a frozen figure in perfect posture as his out of control vehicle slid into my front end. He was definitely in shock when my buddy, paramedics, and CHP talked with him. He didnt speak very much English as I understand. I refused to go near him or speak with him. I was way to hostile and knew it. I bet the guy was frozen at the wheel when his vehicle started to slid sideways at the speed!


Just had a thought I hadnt thought of yet!

I guess if he would have missed me his momentum would have carried his minivan into a ditch...



The ditch to the left of the man standing here!


That van would have launched like the challenger! Maybe Karma was in action saving that man and his 5 year old from a horrible accident!


Thats an interesting thought!

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I been hit like that before driving a civic freeway was wet, kid was merging into freeway and lost control of his car. Hit me on front passenger side took me out spun me 180° facing on coming carpool lane traffic. He also took out 2 other cars. After the shock of getting hit goes away few hours later is when my body started to hurt.




Hope everything goes well with the doctors.

Sucks when u loose a car u work on and you spent your hard earned money on.

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Thats painfull to look at, I now drive parts for a job and have to say people really dont know to slow down when you have a crazy rain. I was seeing lots of people driving as if nothing was different from a bright sunny day when it was pouring raining here on Thursday and Friday. You atleast got all of his information though? I mean it was obviously him driving to fast for the conditions and not knowing the limits of his vehicle.

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The paramedics took them before I got his information. I didnt want to talk to him anyway. I was fuming.

I have to wait for the police report to find out who to file a claim with. The officer would not give me the information. I have his badge number. He simply said I have to go to a local CHP station and physically pickup a copy.


The guy stayed in his van until the paramedics took him.

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This is why I do not condone a 240Z as a daily driver. Too much risk that goes up with miles driven.

They can almost never be repaired. It is harder to find another Z that does not need $$$ of work.

Unless you are willing to pay.

With that, Insurance never seems to cover all the cost you have into it. Its a lose lose.

The cost of repair on these far exceed the value of the car in most cases.

Mine is now just a weekend driver like and old car they are best retired as weekend drivers.

The Z supply dries up more every year.

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Wow. Sorry about your loss brother! If you have considerable money invested in your Z like many do and its not a daily driver you should absolutely consider an insurance company that offers " agreed upon value" in the event of a collision. This usually requires an appraisal being done ( the specialty insurance companies often have a list of appraisers they will accept). There are of course some restrictions placed on the use of that vehicle including that it is not used as a daily driver. The rates are usually very good and you will be able to take the car out knowing you are properly covered. I was very fortunate to have this type of policy in place when my last car was written off. Hope they treat you right!

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I technically just finished paying the car off and transferred the title. So there is a paper trail of the cost of the vehicle and receipts of the shocks, radiator, and fan clutch.

I feel confident they will eventually give in in the event of a total, but right now they think they can fix it as it didnt automatically total out in their system. I seriously doubt its not totaled. All I can do is go with the flow of their system at the moment. The best fix would be to tube frame the front end. Id bet it'd be cheaper than installing a new front clip! If they want to fix it Im going to let them. LOL


Ive been driving for over 10 years. Its this year that has been a royal pain. My other Z was hit while it was parked so it can happen anywhere in your driveway or at work(both in the case of my other Z). So I enjoy driving my Z to work. Its like therapy before and after a work day.




Salvage and title get bleeped!


T-i-t-l-e and S-a -l-v-a-g-e

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Are you a "Dragon" in Chinese Zodiac by birth year Ray?

The Chinese tell me you symbol of your birth year is unlucky when it repeats and you must always wear red and yellow to ward off the bad luck!


It's dragon year now, ima b a dragon, so can't wait for this year to be over as well.


When the CHP took my statement I said "So the semitractor's left front tire went up on the trailer as the jack icing followed behind me.


The trailer lifted the Dodge Ram up in the air, until the trailer hitch ripped free...


Then that trailer turned left and headed my way like a f--king AAMRAM Missle!"


He tried not to laugh, but apparently I was overwhelmingly hilarious with my statement!


Opened the side of my truck up like a giant Sardine Tin!

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I think Im the Rat... which sounds distasteful to me, but eh.


It turns out this guy had already paid of this 2007 Toyota Sienna. So he only has Liability and a $10K payout total and Geico wants to include the rental in that payout. Since I did this before, Im taking the guy to court.


FYI: because I know this will help somebody,

IF anyone gets into a wreck in their 240 or 260Z and the insurance company uses CCC Valuescope, well you are boned my friend. They found 2 240Zs and 2 260Z's NATION WIDE for which to compare a value to! I dont know how they get that information only that it does not work in your advantage. IF you get Michell Valuation you will be in a much better position as they are more accurate. Something I have learned between these 3 past incidences this year!



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I have to agree, especially having moved to the NE. Too dangerous to DD an older Z. For two reasons, one: it's hard to repair if you get in a wreck, and two: Clueless people in their cozy and safe newer cars seem (to me, at least) more careless. They wreck their car? Oh well with all these airbags I'm fine I'll just use the insurance to buy another one and be more careful next time....


You on the other hand? No real safety equipment. It's you vs thousands of people who think airbags and TCS are going to save them.

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My left front fender and grill were damaged when an old lady backed into me at a stop light. When  I saw her back-up light come on I knew I was screwed. No where to go.


The fender and grill had to be replaced. My insurance company was going to total the car until I told  them that I was restoring it.   At that point they considered the car as a classic and worth saving.

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If he paid off the van, then likely he's got homeowners umbrella.


Really, having a million umbrella policy on your homeowners policy, and minimum coverage on your cars usually works to your advantage financially. (Even renters!)


Anything not covered under the auto policy will go against the million dollar umbrella policy.. But they will have to litigate. Most won't.


If they do... "That's what you got insurance for!"


Plus, it comes in handy for things getting ripped from your house, your car...etc!

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I have 2 options depending on insurance payout.

The adjuster/rep is saying that the most likely outcome of this is a payout and I get to keep the car with a clean title. Depending on that payout will determine if I just start with a fresh shell(which there are two in the bay area right now for about $1K) or tube frame/cage this car and dump a VK56 in it. I should be starting to get somewhere with an answer by the end of next week when the insurance looks at the packet of information I sent them that trumps their CCCValuescope report.

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  • 1 month later...



So I after speaking with an attorney who was willing to take the insurance on and attach the insurance's client to the the law suite, the insurance gave in an offered me $8500 and I suppose to have clean title. So I let the attorney's know and took the $8500. Now half a month later I received notice that my vehicle is being salvaged. So now I have two options:

I can demand they go through the steps(which are easier than everyone makes it out to be) to remove the salvage title from my vehicle, OR



Right of Recourse


© In first party automobile total loss claims, every insurer shall provide notice to the insured at the time the settlement payment is sent or final settlement offer is made that if notified by the insured within thirty-five (35) calendar days after the insured receives the claim payment or final settlement offer that he or she cannot purchase a comparable automobile for the gross settlement amount, the insurer will reopen its claim file. If subsequently notified by the insured the insurer shall reopen its claim file and utilize the following procedures:

(1) The insurer shall locate a comparable automobile for the gross settlement amount determined by the company at the time of settlement and shall provide the insured with the information required in ©(4), below, or offer a replacement vehicle in accordance with section 2695.8( B)(4). Any such vehicle must be available in the local market area; or,

(2) The insurer shall either pay the insured the difference between the amount of the gross settlement and the cost of the comparable automobile which the insured has located, or negotiate and purchase this vehicle for the insured; or,

(3) The insurer shall invoke the appraisal provision of the insurance policy.

(4) No insurer is required to take action under this subsection if its documentation to the insured at the time of final settlement offer included written notification of the identity of a specified comparable automobile which was available for purchase at the time of final settlement offer for the gross settlement amount determined by the insurer. The documentation shall include the telephone number (including area code) or street address of the seller of the comparable automobile and: (A) the vehicle identification number (VIN) or,( B) the stock or order number of the vehicle from a licensed dealer, or © the license plate number of such comparable vehicle. (d) No insurer shall, where liability and damages are reasonably clear, recommend that the third party claimant make a claim under his or her own policy to avoid paying the claim under the policy issued by that insurer.

 From the Ca Insurance Code


Re-open my claim based on the fact that they did not give me enough to replace my vehicle.

To which I can easily prove at this point and already have to them.


Its like insurance companies can get away with harassment.

This is the SECOND time this has happened within 12 months! Two different insurance companies doing the same crap. DMV just removed the salvage title on my 260Z and I applied for a refund for the past year it has been unlawful to drive though I paid for the registration!


I know insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible, but you would think that they would save their own skin and prevent law suites or extra costs by simply following through with what they say or paying closer attention esp when the claim involves an older classic vehicle which could potentially cost them through the nose if its not properly handled. Instead their systems are setup for newer non-classic vehicles and they have no idea how to handle these claims... leaving the victims either screwed and/or opening up the door for them to potentially loose out on even more money. I could in theory demand more than their insured's covered cap at this point due to their mistake and I have the needed proof that will hold up in court to do so. Its a headache for me, but Ive been harassed and bullied for 12 months by insurance companies and now Im gonna stick it to them on their dime.


I really hope anyone on this board that has to go through this kind of ordeal follows this and it helps them.

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Corporations are not run by whiz kids and brain trusts, they are populated with mind-numbed grist from the university system that teaches you to give prof what he wants, follow the lines, and get your kibble at the end of the day.

Bureaucrats push the papers within a system that has been setup for the 75%.

The last 25%? You could litigate and lose every one for reasonable actual losses and court costs and still make an obscene profit.


You're in a subset of the 25%, such a small subset they could pay 2X what you got and thats only the premium of four under 25 single white males with no tickets and above a 3.0 GPA in the same car! And when THEY wreck it chances are they only have PLPD and just get a bashed hulk at the end of the day.


YOU would think, Ray. THEM? They're not paid to think, son... They're paid to push papers and say no until you get discouraged and go away.


Most do...

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