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71 240z 18 months of work.

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a few more parts replated,  

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I would highly advise drilling a hole in through the LCA support and LCA tube and then putting a bolt in said hole.  You'll probably want to get pretty close on the rear wheel location under the fender first.  If you do not do this, it will move on it's own and push your rear wheel out under acceleration.  I say this from personal experience. 

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Making rubber parts has slowed down the work on the car but I do have more rubber parts made and installed on the car.


I am also offering custom 240z brake and fuel lines with custom  insulators for a 5/16" return fuel line, same size as main fuel line.


check site of other new items.




New Clutch pedal stopper on firewall.





Wiper motor bracket rubber bushings.






Radiator support wire pass through insulators.




Door lock mechanism rubber pieces.






Euro Tail lights





Reproduction slot blank tape and correct 71 choke handle.




refurbished the fuel sending/pump harness with new grommet.

















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I just picked up a Brand new factory dash that had never been opened in original packaging, even had to break the sealing tape.  A rare find I must say, and it was less than 10 miles from my house.



right place right time. Awesome score. I'm afraid to ask how much it set you back?

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After almost a year of not working on my car because all my spare time was taken up with www.240zrubberparts.com. I am now back working on my car, the good thing is that the car now has entirely  new rubber everywhere.


Started installing the interior and working on suspension.







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Projects within a project is how I roll, so a few pictures of the items I reproduce for my build.


Door Escutcheon rubber, look at yours and you will see a hole. This is for this little rubber bumper.



Antenna Drain Tube



Strut cap



Radiator wire pass through



Turn signal wire rebuild kit



Headlight wire rebuild kit



Turn signal hardware



Vent hose boots




Hatch hinge boots



kick panel clips


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