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2JZ-GTE Swap(better then RB26)

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Guest dsail56
Boy is that ever a wierd comment.


"Fancy head"? So in your estimation then, the LT5 from the Corvette ZR1 is equivalent to the 350 from the 60s. Same block, just some fancy heads thrown on there.


That's just silly. Engine technology is heavily tied up in the head(s) - valve gear, combustion chamber shape, flow characteristics, etc, etc. With few exceptions, a block is a block. Not much new there that is being implemented ni the main stream.


The Datsun L head is old technology. As has been stated before on this thread, the 7M and the RB are pretty close to each other in having a modern head design. The main difference is that you can't go to a salvage yard (in the US) and pick up an RB.


Now, the issue with the head gaskets, that I find interesting. I haven't uncovered any other info on this beyond replacing the gasket with a premium HKS unit, upgrading the head bolts and being very careful to torque the head bolts. Does the block have to be O-ringed? What aspect of the Toyota design makes it more suscptible to failure?

"the LT5 from the Corvette ZR1 is equivalent to the 350 from the 60s. Same block,"

Hi Guys, new to this group, I've had my z since 1990. (74 260Z) I am looking for a GTO body kit and researching engine possibilities. All this talk of Toy's and l28Ts is interesting. Just want to add my 2 cents Chevy actually introduced the OHV V8 in the 283 in 1955 small blocks from then to the later 350s are pretty much interchangeable. They went to the parts bin and mixed and matched to produce the very successful 302 for the Trans Am races.

What I'm interested in is a good solid NA motor to motivate the GTO replicar with good drive ability looks impressive under the hood with decent gas mileage. Is there a NA Toyota 6 with 6 speed 24 valve available? What year and models should I look for?

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Dan in Afghanistan

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Well there's the topic starter of this thread of course available without the turbos... Why are you looking specifically for a toyota engine for your z? The VQ35DE in such cars as the Infiniti G35 comes to mind. The R34 skylines also fit this category. Not sure what you consider "impressive under the hood" though. A turbo usually looks somewhat impressive...

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Guest dsail56

Not necessarily just Toyota motors, I don't have much background on the Japanese sixes available. Is there a better thread to look at for this info?

My goal is to build a nice cruiser with possibly a twin cam NA six and a six speed without breaking the bank, not a drag racer or auto cross car.

By impressive I mean a motor which just screams performance the way a twin cam cross flow head does.

I am a true believer in this Hybrid Z concept of this forum.

To me a sports car is a base for improvements by the builder, sort of like a blank canvas is to an artist.

I've worked mostly on British cars in the past. I have a Spitfire I plan on building up with a Toyota 1600 16v and 5 speed, brake and suspension upgrades and some custom body mods.

The Z originally started out as a Japanese improvement on the basic Brit sports car, and I've found it is very similar to the Brit sixes of the 70s.

When I get back to NH this spring I post some pictures of the customizing I started on my Z.

I am getting off the point of this thread though, and as I stated above is there a better thread in which to look for this info?


Dan from Afghanistan.

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well there are a ton of options in inline 6 category.


why not go with a RB30DE like i am, without turbo, or go with a TB48DE


4.8litre inline 6. gobs of torque and Brian Crower is making mods for it now.


A high compression N/A engine of that size would be insane for an inline 6. And it is also my next project engine (I like to do things backwards...engine first, car for it to go in later)


heavy as hell though.

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Wow that has to be heavy. I'll bet it does have gobs of potential. When were they produced? Twin cam? That thing has to be freaking stout and pretty darn long...which is what we all dream of. :P


and Crower makes a 5.2 Litre stroker kit with option for titanium parts.

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