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HendoZ, 1uzfe/6mt 240z

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A bit late to the party but any chance you could post some pictures of the motor mounts? with or without the motor installed. I could only find 1 set of mounts sold here http://www.1uzfeswapkit.com/Steel-UHMW-Mount-for-the-1UZFE-MkIII-Supra-Engine-PAIR-0000-0007.htm


Are those the mounts you used? And by flipped, did you use the motor part of the mount for the chassis, and chassis part of the supra mount for the motor? Or flipped from side to side? I'm considering this swap and if theres a bolt-in mount to slap the motor in there it'd definitely help me make up my mind. Lexus LS400's are cheap around here so a donor car is easy to get ahold of.

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Yes those are the mounts. And the ls400 1uzfe won't work unless you swap dumps from a sc400. Ls400 are front sump. Sc400 are rear sump. And I just used those swap mounts To mount the engine as low and far back as I could. There is a trick to getting it to fit as well. You have to have the left mount bolted to the motor and the right mount bolted to the stock 240z crossmember. Drop the motor in and line up the left mount in the cross member. Drop the motor more and bolt up the loose right mount. And then fabricate a transmount.

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