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Hi guys! Need some advice on this...

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Hiya guys (and girls!)


Recently spotted a rather nice 260z, thing is, it's a 2+2 which doesn't bother me since I love the looks and the performance doesn't really suffer hardly.


However, the listing says it's had a new stainless steel exhaust (how far through I'm not sure), new door sills, new headlamp cowls and something else that I forgot.


Thing is, all the equipment looks to be original (and in just the kinda state you'd probably expect from interior that old) except for the carbs which are the round-tops from the 240z. On closer inspection of the engine bay photo from the listing it looks like there's a fair amount of rust.


What I need advice on is how far you guys reckon it looks like its gone, if it's possible to salvage (and bets on if/how well it might run when I try it before buying) and how to set about treating this if I buy the car. I'm not entirely sure what details are wanted so for now I'll post the photos and if anyone wants any more details just holler (though I'll probably add some more myself anyway).


For reference the guy wants £2k but I'm thinking of just offering him about £800 based on the state of the engine/engine bay (which almost has something that looks like bondo on the far side...)












Many thanks for the advice/input guys!



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Thanks for the advice guys, probably going to shelve the idea for now since monies tightened up. The guy never responded to my email on £1,500 and some more photos anyway so I gave up trying to chase it for now, I pretty much got my teeth knocked out anyway when a) my dear parents learnt of the fuel economy and B) saw how much the car was.


For now I'm probably going to try and pick up something a little more modern and 'normal' - read 'boring' to work on and try and polish up, probably my mum's ol' Saxo if my dad and myself go ahead with the suggestion to buy her the Austin Mini I spotted (she's always loved them and owned one once a number of years ago).


It saddens me to no end to not be able to pick this Z up - I'd do it in a heartbeat if I had the free cash but what with Uni which will end up being £18k after I finish all three years and then the costs for the rest of the driving lessons/test plus the extras I just haven't got the money now. Kinda wish I hadn't spotted this before now...


On a different note:


@morbias: I noted you're in the UK, whereabouts? I'm in the south-west. :D Wimborne, Dorset to be exact if you recognise it.


@all: Off the tops of everyone's heads, are there any Z related events in the south of England? Or do any of you live nearby me within a certain range? I'd love to be able to meet up at some point maybe after I pass the test to get to actually see a Z for myself that isn't in a photo.

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Another southerner, I'm in Southampton :)


There seem to be quite a few Z owners around here and the west country, there aren't that many events over the winter though and I think they're all over until spring comes around.


The UK zclub is probably the best place to find out about meets and such

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