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L28 / stroker longblock ?

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Would like to try a Want To Buy here, as I`m considering a new engine for my 240z.


I`m currently running the stock L24 with 6-1, dcoe 40, upgrade ignition ++, and dont think it`s quite enough. I`m in Norway, but would like/need to have it shipped to Fort Lauderdale. Since it is going to cost some in shipping I`m looking for a nicely built longblock/complete engine/NA/Turbo.


The car is a street driven car, but far from daily.




Kind regards


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I have a fully built L24 with e31 head, racer Brown cam, Arias custom pistons.... o-ringed head. It had my turbo tom kit on it with meth and nos. Pm me if you want it or more info. I can provide all info i have including the original cam card.

Do you still have the L-24 mated to an E-31 cyl head for sale??

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I can also vouch for Dave Rebello as well. He is the one responsible for us going 172mph at Bonneville with an L6. We are the current Bonneville record holder in F/GT. If you go to www.rebelloracing.com you will see our car/video as well as several others that use Daves engines.


I did all of my work with Dave and his guys over the phone, I live 2000+ miles away and was extremely happy with how everything went right down to the shipping.


If you need to discuss anything at all contact me through www.victorymotorsports.org and I will help all I can. You absolutely will not regret getting an engine from Rebello.


Burton Brown

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